Lead (maplet)

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This is the entry for lead from Maplet's A Greene Forest.

Of Lead

Led saith Aristotle, cometh and ariseth of Brimstone, bothe grosse, unpure, & full of dregges: and of Quicksilver also, waterie and in manner like to an humor. Isidore sayth, it was called Lead at the first for that at the beginning with it was found forth and tried the Sea, his depth and bottome. There are two sortes of Lead, the one white, & the other black: but the whitest is best, which kindes was the first found in the Iles of the Sea Atlantike. But is now found in Lusitania and in Gallicia, & in many other places. It is found also in Mineries in maner like to Gravell and Sande, which afterwards is sodden and molten to greater quantities in fire and fornace. That other black Lead is found most in Cantabrie whose origin or being is after two sortes, for eyther it procedeth of a vaine by it selfe, or else it groweth next by silver, and overcrosseth his vaines with it. Therefore his first lyquor running when as it is molten is almost Tin: the second, in a maner Silver: that which is then left and remaineth (adding also to it his vaine and so entermedled) becommeth black Lead. In Indie saith Isidore, there is neyther Lead nor Brasse of his owne, therefore it chaungeth for his own Marchandise (as with Gemmes and Margarets) wherein it is most plentifull. In Spaine and Fraunce it is very hardly hewen out: In Britannie with very much ease. Hermes sayth, that Lead being boyled, looseneth al other sound bodies and weakneth their hardnesse, as also it enfeebleth the Adamant.