Le Roman de Perceval

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'work in progress - nag Tiff to finish'

by Chretien de Troyes

probably started in 1180's - dedicated to Count Phillip of Flanders who died in 1191. unfinished, presumably by his death as stated by Gerbert de Montreuil (continution authour). Generally accepted he died around 1185.

feels longer than many of cretiens other romances, even in unfinshed form - check - probably because follows the story of 2 knights - perceval and Gawain. Possibly intended to contrast the experienced older knight with the young new knight.

exists in 15 manuscripts, early in the 2nd half of the 13th C MS fonds francais 12576, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris only one with all continuations and no missing folios

octosylabic rhyming couplets

The Continuations

Continued by 3 authors- 2nd authour's name varies greatly between manuscripts. Gautier de Denst is one.

4th Continuation, so named, but in MS fonds francais 12576 author names himself Gerbert, modern academics connect this with 13th C author of romances Gerbert de Montreuil.

Maniesier & Gerbert wrote c1230, probably independantly. Probably the two continutations both provided full endings, but Gerberts was cut out so the two could be merged together to make a longer story. Both appear to have read "Perlesvaus" and "teh quest of the holy grail" as they borrow extensively from them.


Cretien de Troyes unfinished work

="1st Continuation" - anonymous

="2nd Continuation" - varied attributions

="3rd Continuation - Manesier

="4th Continuation - Gerbert de Montreuil


  • Cretien de Troyes, Nigel Bryant (trans), 1982, "Perceval; The Story of the Grail" D.S.Brewer, Woodbridge. ISBN 0261-9814

translation method: Retells as a story in prose, but as paragraphs, not necesarily line by line with text, and defiantely not presented as lines. No original text appended. Briefer synopses provided for some sections of the continuations translates MS fonds francais 12576 Explainatory notes very brief, but translated material extrodinarily long