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Any society is governed by laws that are set down so as to make life as organised and regimental as possible, in order that people can face each day knowing how the rest of the world is going to act... within reason.

The SCA has its own laws. These range from laws on combat, to definitions of awards. There is a hierarchy of SCA laws such that laws on a higher level always supersede any laws established at a lower level. For instance, an mundane law set outside the Society takes precedance over any SCA-internal law.

SCA laws can be changed by different individuals and groups, depending on the laws. Laws are mainly modified by the BoD and the Crown.

The precedance of laws for Lochac

(extracted from the Senschal's webpage

  • SA Associations Incorporation Act (Australian State law)
   The act under which the SCA is incorporated in Australia. 
  • Constitution of the SCA
   Constutition of the SCA (Inc in SA), the governing body of the SCA in Australia. 
  • SCA - SCAA Operating Agreement
   The agreement under which the SCA (Inc in SA) operates as part of the world wide Society for Creative Anachronism. 
  • SCAA Financial Policy
   The financial policy of the SCA (Inc in SA). 
  • Corpora
   The Corpora of the SCA, defining the medieval structure. Note that the By-Laws contained in this same PDF file do not apply outside of the USA. 
  • Seneschals Handbook
   The Kingdom Seneschal's Handbook. This and the other society level handbooks of the SCA are incorporated into SCA law, subject to Corpora and the corporate policies. 
  • Administrative Handbook of the College of Arms
   Society level heraldic policies. 
  • Society Chirurgeon's Handbook
   Society level medical and first aid policies. 
  • Armoured Combat Handbook
   Society level heavy combat rules, regulations and policies. 
  • Rapier Combat Handbook
   Society level rapier combat rules, regulations, and policies. 
  • Archery Combat Handbook
   Society level missile combat rules, regulations, and policies. 
  • Equestrian Handbook
   Equestrian rules, regulations, and policies.
  • Siege Engine Rules
   Society level siege weampons rules, regulations, and policies. 
  • Laws of the Kingdom of Lochac
   Kingdom Law, as defined in Australia and New Zealand. 
  • The Word of the Crown
   The Word of the Crown is Law in the Kingdom of Lochac. 

Guilds also have internal laws defined by their charter. These are below any other laws, as are household laws.