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  • Glen Waverley Church of Christ
  • 44-48 Montclair st, Glen Waverley (near kingsway)
  • Contact: Secretary (Lynne Hemphill) 9560-6599
  • main hall: seat maximum 85, carpet tiled floor, medieval feel =5/10, direct access via small back door, difficult to find. fixed seats along sides of hall
  • side hall: fairly small, carpeted, also enters into kitchen, fixed seats along one side of room
  • conditions:
    • no smoking or drinking anywhere on premises (land)
    • candles ok if used responsibly
    • must finish by midnight
  • kitchen: Commercial kitchen - 2 large ovens, 2 double sinks, industrial dishwasher, central island and side preparation benches, large servery, single fridge?
  • transport: less than 5 minutes walk from glen waverley station and bus hub, lots of parking (saturdays 3P till 6pm) parking right outside, but parking poor all day on saturdays as close to shops and movies.
  • price: single hall $10/hr, either hall and kitchen $25/hr, both halls and kitchen $30/hr. no bond required.