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==Kingston City Council==
==Kingston City Council==
==Greater Dandenong City==
==Greater Dandenong City==
* [http://www.greaterdandenong.com/Documents.asp?ID=9237&Title=Halls%2FMeeting+Rooms+for+Hire&Type=d Halls/Meeting Rooms for Hire]
* [http://www.greaterdandenong.com/Documents.asp?ID=356&Title=Hire+of+Reserves%2C+Sports+Grounds+%26+Parks&Type=d Hire of Reserves, Sports Grounds & Parks]
Also [http://www.dandypages.com/ Dandy Pages] for a range of local halls.
==City of Casey==
==City of Casey==

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Being a guide to halls, parks, and campsites in the boundaries or near enough to use by the Shire of Krae Glas. This list can be expanded (e.g. to the whole of Melbourne) if the geographic location of entries justify it.

If unsure of what details are useful, please use the following templates- halls, parks, and campsites. Copying and pasting the template into your new article will make it easier to remember all the details that people might want to know about a location.

If editing gets too hard, leave a message for one of the admins in Krae Glas(User_talk:Tiff, User_talk:Tobin, and we'll either teach you or enter the data you send ourselves.

Remember that details can change overnight - halls that previously allowed candles suddenly do not, contact phone numbers change, prices rise, etc. So use this as a guide to possible halls, then check all details directly with the hall hire contact.

Halls for hire

Monash City Council

Website: Monash City Council

Council owned properties

See also the Community Halls, and Map.

Private organisations in Monash Council boundaries

A few more listed on Monash Council websites: Guide/Scout halls and other halls

Stonington City Council

Boroondara City Council

Ashburton Presbyterian Church

Glen Eira City Council

Bayside City Counil

Knox City Council

Council Managed Halls

There appear to be no halls or venues run by this council

Community Halls

There are 67 listed on the Community Directory.

Parkland & Reserves

See Parks & Reserves

Kingston City Council

Greater Dandenong City

Also Dandy Pages for a range of local halls.

City of Casey

Frankston City Council

Mornington and Penninsula shire

Shire of Yarra Ranges

Website: http://www.yarraranges.vic.gov.au/

Shire Managed Halls

  • Coldstream Community Centre
  • Garry Cooper Pavilion
  • Healesville Memorial Hall
  • Hoddles Creek Public Hall
  • Kalorama Pavilion
  • Keith Hume Fraser Log Cabin
  • Kilsyth Memorial Hall
  • Monbulk Community Centre
  • Mt Evelyn Public Hall
  • Silvan Public Hall
  • Upwey Community Hall
  • Wandin North Public Hall
  • Yarra Glen Memorial Hall
  • Yellingbo Public Hall

Community Directory

Community Director of Halls

Parks for Hire

Monash City Council

Contact the Council's Recreation Services Department during business hours on 9518 3559 or 9518 3560. The Permits and Forms to use a Reserve can be found here.

Campgrounds for Hire

Helpful links