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#[[Yolande Kesteven]]
#[[Yolande Kesteven]]
#[[Asa Beiskalda]] (aka [[Serena of the Black Ness]])
#[[Asa Beiskalda]] (aka [[Serena of the Black Ness]])
#[Gudrun Bodvarsdottir]] (aka [[Elspeth Turberville]] )
#[[Gudrun Bodvarsdottir]] (aka [[Elspeth Turberville]] )

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Quarterly azure and argent, on a cross gules a crown between four mullets of six points, in canton a laurel wreath argent.
Founded: A.S. XXXVII
Parent Kingdom: Kingdom of the West (New Zealand branches Kingdom of Caid)
King: Siridean
Queen: Siban
Modern location
Australia and New Zealand

The Kingdom of Lochac comprises all SCA groups in Australia and New Zealand (as of Lochac May Crown, 2003).

The Australian groups were previously the Principality of Lochac, part of the Kingdom of the West. The New Zealand groups were formerly part of the Kingdom of Caid.

The name Lochac comes from the writings of Marco Polo, where he catalogs the lands to the south. Lochac is described as a land south of Java with a sovereign king. Late sixteenth century maps can be found with Luchac, Beach and Maletur forming part of a large mainland area in the position of Western Australia.

When the SCA groups in a region fulfill certain criteria (as specified by Corpora), they can become a kingdom, provided sufficient members wish to do so. This occurred in Australia in July 2002.


The device of the Kingdom of Lochac is: Quarterly azure and argent, on a cross gules a crown between four mullets of six points, in canton a laurel wreath argent.


The current Crown of Lochac are TRM Siridean MacLachlan and Siban ingen Robartaig .

The past Royalty of Lochac are:

  1. Alfar of Attica and Elspeth Turberville (aka Gudrun Bodvarsdottir)
  2. Cornelius von Becke and Morwynna Branwynt
  3. Alaric of Bangor and Nerissa de Saye
  4. Ædward Stadefæste and Yolande Kesteven
  5. Draco of Jorvik and Serena of the Black Ness (aka Asa Beiskalda)
  6. Stephen Aldred and Mathilde Adycote of Mynheniot
  7. Cornelius von Becke and Morwynna Branwynt
  8. Ædward Stadefæste and Yolande Kesteven
  9. Draco of Jorvik and Asa Beiskalda (aka Serena of the Black Ness)
  10. Alfar of Attica and Gudrun Bodvarsdottir (aka Elspeth Turberville)
  11. Hugh the Little and Therasa Commins
  12. Berenger of Nancy and Bethan of Brockwood



  1. Cornelius von Becke
  2. Ædward Stadefæste
  3. Draco of Jorvik
  4. Alfar of Attica


  1. Morwynna Branwynt
  2. Yolande Kesteven
  3. Asa Beiskalda (aka Serena of the Black Ness)
  4. Gudrun Bodvarsdottir (aka Elspeth Turberville )


  1. Alfar of Attica
  2. Cornelius von Becke
  3. Alaric of Bangor
  4. Ædward Stadefæste
  5. Draco of Jorvik
  6. Stephen Aldred
  7. Hugh the Little
  8. Berenger of Nancy


  1. Gudrun Bodvarsdottir (aka Elspeth Turberville)
  2. Morwynna Branwynt
  3. Nerissa de Saye
  4. Yolande Kesteven
  5. Asa Beiskalda (aka Serena of the Black Ness)
  6. Mathilde Adycote of Mynheniot
  7. Therasa Commins
  8. Bethan of Brockwood


  1. Reynardine de Clifford
  2. Elffin O'Mona
  3. Corin Anderson
  4. Valerian Zakharevitch Druzhinnik
  5. Styvyn Longshanks
  6. Haos Windchaser
  7. Kane Greymane
  8. Gerald Swinford
  9. Yumitori no Kiyoshi (aka Alywin Graham the Flamehaired)
  10. John of Skye
  11. Brusi Anderson of the Shetlands
  12. Alfar of Attica
  13. Cornelius von Becke
  14. Bran of Lochiel
  15. Peter du Gaunt Noir
  16. Finnain the Red
  17. Alaric of Bangor
  18. Ragnar Magnusson
  19. Boris of Mordenvale
  20. Vladimir Ivanovich Kurgan
  21. Ædward Stadefæste
  22. Gui von Oberhausen
  23. Gawyne d'Ibelin


  1. Eleanor Lyttelhayles
  2. Talietha of Brynn Innes
  3. Gabriella della Santa Croce
  4. Rowena of Loxton
  5. Rhyllian of Starfire Retreat
  6. Rowan Perigrynne
  7. Bryony of the Bees
  8. Keridwen the Mouse
  9. Eibhleann O'Ceileachair
  10. Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada
  11. Alisaundre de Kilmaron
  12. Ingerith Ryzka
  13. Gabrielle of Greenwood
  14. Catherine Digby of Sherbourne
  15. Susannah of Nottingham
  16. Morwynna Branwynt
  17. Cairstiona Macbethaine
  18. Isabeau of Riverhaven
  19. Muirghein ni Ghrainne
  20. Lucrezia Lorenz
  21. Gudrun Bodvarsdottir (aka Elspeth Turberville)
  22. Nerissa de Saye
  23. Bliss of Taine
  24. Constance von Rothenberg
  25. Huraiwa
  26. Yolande Kesteven
  27. Aefled of Otterburne
  28. Liadan
  29. Yve d'Angely


See Groups in Lochac

Regular Events

Crown Tournaments and Coronations

Lochac's Crown tournaments occur during May and November, and Coronations occur in January (12th Night) and July (Midwinter). See bidding for a crown event if you or your group is interested in hosting one of these events.

Other Regular Kingdom Events

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