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*[[House of Örehus]] (Part of Attemark, Helsingborg, Sweden)
*[[House of Örehus]] (Part of Attemark, Helsingborg, Sweden)
== [[Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis]] ==
== [[Principality of Insulae Draconis]] ==
*[[Shire of Eplaheimr]] (Central [[Ireland]])
*[[Shire of Eplaheimr]] (Central [[Ireland]])

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Kingdom of Drachenwald
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Or, three pine trees eradicated in fess gules, overall a dragon passant coward, wings elevated and addorsed, all within a laurel wreath sable.
Founded: A.S. XXVI
Parent Kingdom: Kingdom of the East
King: Gerhardt von Wustenburg
Queen: Judith de Northumbria
Modern location
Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Drachenwald is the SCA kingdom consisting of Europe (including Iceland), Africa, and the Middle East. It was earlier a principality of the East Kingdom. Reportedly, in the early 1970s it was called the Protectorate of Thairsis, but there are no written records of that. In like manner, the Shire of Vielburgen was reportedly the first formal SCA branch on this side of the Great Ocean, but there are no formal records of that either.

Note that the regions in Drachenwald are not as formal as in other kingdoms. They are purely administrative and may vary between kingdom officers.

These are the groups in the Kingdom of Drachenwald:

Principality of Nordmark

The Principality of Nordmark is the first principality of Drachenwald. It consists of all parts of Sweden.

Principality of Insulae Draconis

Barony of Aarnimetsa

German-Austrian Region

(Nicknamed "Frankmark" and "Holy Roman Region of the German People")

Borderlands Region

(Nicknamed "The Empire of Drachenwald")

Contact Groups


Princes and Princesses of Drachenwald

I 1980-2 Jahn and Tuiren
II 1981-1 Bearengear and Nige
III 1981-2 David and Catherine
IV 1982-1 Doran and Vincetta
V 1982-2 Raim and Regina
VI 1983-1 Wolf and Caitriona
VII 1983-2 Alexander and Katya
VIII 1984-1 Galen and Kaylitha
IX 1984-2 Raim and Gwynna
X 1985-1 Dafydd and Morgan
XI 1985-2 Richard and Joedda
XII 1986-1 Wulfbrand and Lucilla
XIII 1986-2 Justin and Gyth
XIV 1987-1 Ulric and Eleonora
XV 1987-2 Ivar and Kathleen
XVI 1988-1 Gwenllian and Stefan
XVII 1988-2 Axel and Jeanmaire
XVIII 1989-1 Ian and Charitee
XIX 1989-2 Yoshina and Ivone
XX 1990-1 Bryon and Silesia
XXI 1990-2 Karl and Bettina
XXII 1991-1 Cian and Catherine
XXIII 1991-2 Morgan and Alienor
XXIV 1992-1 Myles and Katharina
XXV 1992-2 Gareth and Idunn
XXVI 1993-1 Karl and Leia

Kings and Queens of Drachenwald

I 1993-2 Elffin and Vanna
II 1994-1 Morgan and Alienor
III 1994-2 Wulfric and Eira
IV 1995-1 Timoch and Adelicia
V 1995-2 Michael and Melusine
VI 1996-1 Garick and Talitha
VII 1996-2 Edouard and Eanor
VIII 1997-1 Elffin and Vanna
IX 1997-2 Jurgan and Lilliard
X 1998-1 Matthew and Anna
XI 1998-2 Sven and Thora
XII 1999-1 Prothall and Cecilia
XIII 1999-2 Matthew and Anna
XIV 2000-1 Elffin and Alessandra Melusine
XV 2000-2 Prothall and Cecilia
XVI 2001-1 Peregrine and Alessandra Melunsine
XVII 2001-2 Elffin and Signy
XVIII 2002-1 Gerhardt and Aurelia
XIX 2002-2 Giles and EzaBella
XX 2003-1 Matthew and Alienor
XXI 2003-2 Marcus and Anna
XXII 2004-1 Elffin and Signy
XXIII 2004-2 John and Honor
XXIV 2005-1 Padraig and Elsa
XXV 2005-2 Cadogan and Eufemia
XXVI 2006-1 Sven and Thora
XXVII 2006-2 Michael and Moira
XXVIII 2007-1 Maximilian and Marguerite
XXIX 2007-2 Alaric and Nerissa
2008-1 Sven and Jovi
2008-2 ThorvaldR and Fiona
2009-1 Marcus and Cecilia

Princes and Princesses of Nordmark

I 1997-2 Johann and Celemon
II 1998-1 Gilliam and Blanka
III 1998-2 Hartmann and Marie
IV 1999-1 Arngrim and El鮯re
V 1999-2 Padraig and Elsa
VI 2000-1 Cormac and Elise
VII 2000-2 Fandral and Vilde
VIII 2001-1 Padraig and Elsa
IX 2001-2 Brendan
X 2002-1 Gabriel and Eyba
XI 2002-2 M害 and Fenella
XII 2003-1 Brendan and Anna


The main kingdom website can be found at http://www.drachenwald.sca.org/

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