Kingdom of Calontir

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Kingdom of Calontir
Purpure, a cross of Calatrava, in chief a crown, within in bordure a laurel wreath Or.
Founded: A.S. XVIII
Parent Kingdom: Midrealm
Modern location
Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Norhtern Arkansas

Founded in February, A.S. XVIII, Calontir is the tenth oldest Kingdom in the Known World. It was formerly a Principality of Midrealm. Geographically it consists of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Northern Arkansas.

Calontir holds the Lilies War in or around June every year.


  • Shire of Carlsby
  • Shire of Bois d'Arc (Chanute, KS)
  • Shire of Spinning Winds
  • Shire of Crystal Mynes (Joplin, MO)
  • Barony of Forgotten Sea (Kansas City, MO)
  • Barony of Three Rivers (St Louis, MO)
  • Shire of Standing Stones (Columbia, MO)
  • Barony of V'Tavia (Wichita, KS)
  • Shire-March of Grimfells (Fayetteville, AR)
  • Shire of Oakheart (Springfield, MO)
  • Contact Group of Ridge Haven (West Plains, MO)

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