Kingdom of Avacal

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Avacal is a Principality of An Tir, covering Alberta, Saskatchewan and part of British Columbia. It was founded in A.S. XXI.


  • Shire of Bitter End (Red Deer, AB)
  • Shire of Bordergate (Cold Lake, AB)
  • Shire of Cold Keep (Prince George, BC)
  • Shire of Harrows Cross (Gleichen, Strathmore and environs, AB)
  • Shire of Loch Dorr (E Kootenays, BC)
  • Barony of Montengarde (Calgary, AB)
  • Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, SK)
  • Incipient Shire of Rhuddgyln (Medicine Hat, AB)
  • Shire of Sigelhundas (Regina, SK)
  • Shire of Valley Wold (Moose Jaw, SK)
  • Shire of Vatnsdalr (Edmonton, AB)
  • Shire of Vinjar (Grand Prarie, AB)
  • Shire of Windwyrm (Lethbridge, AB)