Kingdom of Atlantia

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Kingdom of Atlantia
Per pale argent and azure, on a fess wavy, cotised and counterchanged, a crown vallery Or, environed of a laurel wreath proper.
Founded: A.S. XVI
Parent Kingdom: Kingdom of the East
King: Janos of Cyddlain Downs
Queen: Rachel Wallace
Modern location
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and part of Georgia.

The Kingdom of Atlantia covers the American states of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and part of Georgia.


Atlantia became a Principality of the Kingdom of the East in A.S. XII. Having gained the right to become an independent Kingdom, the first Crown Tourney was won by Michael of Bedford, who was at that time King of the East. Atlantia became a Kingdom in May, A.S. XVI (1981) and Michael was crowned as Atlantia's first King by his successor to the Kingdom of the East, Sigfried.

Baronies and Shires of Atlantia

Atlantia covers a great deal of territory, encompassing 26 Baronies, Shires, and Strongholds, with an additional 24 Cantons and Colleges. A partial listing of the groups is available.

Atlantian Royalty

Princes and Princesses of Atlantia:

  1. Alaric and Yseult
  2. Laeghaire and Ysabeau, 9/24/77
  3. Michael and Carissa, 3/18/78
  4. Bryetor and Khirsten, 9/23/78
  5. Tojanerum and Deirde, 3/24/79
  6. Ragnarr and Gwenllian, 9/17/79
  7. Bertrand and Astarte, 4/12/80
  8. Bryetor and Kathryn, 10/11/80

Kings are listed first in the entry, then Queens. Dates and places of investiture are listed if known.

  1. Michael of Bedford and Carissa of Burgandy, 5/2/81, Tir-y-don
  2. Bertrand de Flammepoing and Anya de Calais, 9/19/81, Stierbach
  3. Gyrth Oldcastle and Melisande de Belvoir, 04/03/82, Storvik
  4. Jahn of Outman and Tuiren de Lisle, 10/09/82, Tir-y-don
  5. Michael of Bedford (2) and Carissa of Burgundy (2), 03/26/83 ,Falcon Cree
  6. Olaf Askoldsson and Aislinn Shattenwald, 10/01/83, Sacred Stone
  7. Richard Corwin and Anne Corwin, 04/07/84, Storvik
  8. Knarlic Wulfherson and Alexis Ruthin of Wessex, 10/20/84 Marinus
  9. Richard Corwin (2) and Anne Corwin (2), 04/27/85, Storvik
  10. Olaf Askoldsson (2) and Aislinn Shattenwald (2), 10/12/85, Hidden Mountain
  11. Tsunetomi Tsuneo and Nyan-Nyan, 04/19/86, Black Diamond
  12. Klaus von Trollenberg and Arianwen Cyffaith of Caerlon, 10/18/86, Storvik
  13. Olaf Askoldsson (3) and Judith von Gruenvald, 04/04/87, Sacred Stone
  14. Baudoin MacKenzie (2) aka: Tsunetomi Tsuneo and Caterina Leonora di Forza d'Argo (2) aka: Nyan-Nyan, 10/3/87, Windmaster's Hill
  15. Dafydd ap Gwystl and Elizabeth Beaufort, 3/12/88, Storvik
  16. Barry McFadyen and Marie Simone de Barjavel'la Fildena, 09/24/88, Nottinghill Coil
  17. Michael of Bedford (3) and Seonaid ni Fhionn, 04/08/89, Marinus
  18. Barry McFadyen (2) and Marie Simone de Barjavel'la Fildena (2), 09/09/89, Hidden Mountain
  19. Michael of Bedford (4) and Seonaid ni Fhionn (2), 03/03/90, Storvik
  20. Olaf Askoldsson (4) and Aislinn Shattenwald (3), 09/08/90, Sacred Stone
  21. Anton Tremayne and Luned of Snowden, 04/06/91, Windmasters’ Hill
  22. Galmr Ingolfsson and Katharina von Straubing, 09/14/91, Dun Carraig
  23. Michael of Bedford (5) and Seonaid ni Fhionn (3), 03/07/92, Storvik
  24. Steffan of Wulfshaven and Twila of Wulfshaven, 09/12/92, Storvik
  25. Cuan MacDaige and Arianwen the Nimblefingered, 03/06/93, Hindscroft
  26. Black Kane O’Shannon and Muirgen of Caer Dubh, 09/04/93, Caer Mear
  27. Anton Tremayne (2) and Luned of Snowden (2), 3/5/94
  28. Thorbrandr Olafsson and Eorann O'Connor, 09/10/94, Dun Carraig
  29. Michael of Bedford (6) and Seonaid ni Fhionn (4), 04/01/95, Sacred Stone
  30. Cuan MacDaige (2) and Brigit of Mercia, 09/09/95, Windmasters' Hill
  31. Galmr Ingolfsson (2) and Katharina von Straubing (2), 04/20/96, Storvik
  32. Logan Ebonwoulfe and Arielle the Golden, 10/05/96, Sacred Stone
  33. Cuan MacDaige (3) and Bera Thorbjarnardottir, 4/5/97, Caer Mear
  34. Logan Ebonwoulfe (2) and Arielle the Golden (2), 9/13/97, Sacred Stone
  35. Michael of Bedford(7) and Seonaid ni Fhionn(5), 3/21/98, Marinus
  36. Anton Tremayne (3) and Luned of Snowden (3), 9/12/98, Windmaster's Hill
  37. Stephan of Bellatrix and Niobe Lais of Bellatrix, 3/20/99, Caer Mear
  38. Amalric Blackhart and Caia of Snowden, 9/11/99, Caer Mear
  39. Ragnarr Blackhammer and Kyneburh Boithuile, 4/1/00, Windmaster's Hill
  40. Anton Tremayne (4) and Emer ny Reyly, 9/9/00, Sacred Stone
  41. [[]] and Mary-Grace of Gatland, 4/7/01, Caer Mear
  42. Galmr Ingolfsson (3) and Aryanna Hawkins, 9/8/01,
  43. Logan Ebonwoulfe (3) and Isabel Grimault, 4/3/02, Windmaster's Hill
  44. Cuan Macdaige (4) and Padraigin O'hEachach, 9/07/02,
  45. Logan Ebonwoulfe (4) and Isabel Grimault (2), 4/5/03, Falcon Cree
  46. Ragnarr Blackhammer (2) and Kyneburh Boithuile (2), 9/6/03, Stierbach
  47. Cuan Macdaige (5) and Padraigin O'hEachach (2), 4/03/04, Seareach
  48. Janos of Cyddlain Downs and Rachel Wallace, 9/04/04,



  • Queen's Order of Courtesy: Given at the whim of the Queen for exemplary display of the chivalric ideal It's badge is fieldless: an escallop Or.
  • Shark's Tooth: Given by the Monarch (either the King or Queen) for exemplary skill at arms. It's badge is fieldless: a shark's tooth natural.
  • King's Award of Excellence: Given at the whim of the King for any sort of excellence. It's badge is Or, the King's initial azure.
  • Undine: Given by the Queen for personal service. It's badge is Or, the Queen's initial azure.
  • Sea-Urchin: Given to young children by the Crown in recognition of their contributions or good deeds. It's badge is fieldless: a sea-urchin azure.
  • Order of Nonpareil: This award honors and recognizes those who have shown excellence, honor, courtesy or chivalry above and beyond any duty. The members of this Order exemplify what it means to be an Atlantian. This award may be given only once per reign and is conveyed solely at the discretion of the Crown. It's badge is Or, a sword between four towers sable.
  • Golden Nautilus: This award is the gift of the King and Queen jointly or individually to those who have distinguished themselves by an extraordinary achievement in the Arts and Sciences. It's badge is (Fieldless) A nautilus shell argent.
  • Hippocampus: The Hippocampus honors and recognizes those young people (from 10 to 17), whose service and contributions to the Kingdom of Atlantia have distinguished them in the eyes of the Crown and Kingdom. It's badge: (Fieldless) A sea-horse per fess argent and azure.
  • Fountain: A gift of the King and Queen jointly or individually, The Fountain honors and recognizes those subjects who have performed acts of service for the Kingdom of Atlantia. Currently, it's heraldry is pending approval.
  • Herring: This award recognizes those who have shown extraordinary skill as autocrats. It's badge is (Fieldless) a herring urinant argent.
  • Golden Gazelle: This recognizes those minors (up to 17) who have displayed extraordinary courtesy. Currently, the heraldry is pending for this award.

The following orders are all armigerous awards:

  • Order of the Opal
  • Order of the Coral Branch
  • Order of the Silver Osprey
  • Order of the King's Missiliers
  • Order of the Sea Dragon

High orders of merit:

  • Order of the Golden Dolphin - Per chevron enhanced engrailed argent and azure, in base a dolphin naiant to sinister Or.
  • Order of the Pearl - (fieldless) On an escallop inverted azure a roundel argent.
  • Order of the Sea Stag - Azure, a stag's head cabossed and in base two tridents in saltire argent.
  • Order of the Kraken - (fieldless) A kraken Or.
  • Order of the Yew Bow: Given to Atlantians who demonstrate skill at archery (both target and combat), it's badge is A unicornate natural seahorse's head erased maintaining in its mouth an arrow inverted bendwise.
  • Order of the White Scarf: Given to members of the Academie d'Espee who attain the rank of Provost through demonstrated skill with the rapier. It's badge is Argent, a billet between two unicornate seahorse azure. Additionally, members of this Order may wear white scarves on their left arm, like a knight's white belt.

Atlantia also has several elite units in it's army:

  • The Sargents of Saint Aiden: The best of Atlantia's unbelted fighters so that they might be recognized by and amongst themselves; they provide an elite fighting force to aid in the training of the Atlantian Army and to perform special missions upon and off the field at the command of the King of Atlantia or His warlord.
  • The Queens Spears: A unit of spearmen formed up out of rapier fighters, the Queens Spears is a force to be reckoned with in any pitched battle, fighting at the command of the King or His warlord, for the honor of the Queen.

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