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| [[Image:Atlantia-qc.png]]
| [[Image:Atlantia-qc.png]]
| Populace badge
| Populace badge
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Kingdom of Atlantia
Per pale argent and azure, on a fess wavy, cotised and counterchanged, a crown vallery Or, environed of a laurel wreath proper.
Founded: A.S. XVI
Parent Kingdom: Kingdom of the East
King: Jason Kynslay
Queen: Gerhild the Willful
Modern location
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and part of Georgia.

The Kingdom of Atlantia covers the American states of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and part of Georgia.


Atlantia became a Principality of the Kingdom of the East in A.S. XII. Having gained the right to become an independent Kingdom, the first Crown Tourney was won by Michael of Bedford, who was at that time King of the East. Atlantia became a Kingdom in May, A.S. XVI (1981) and Michael was crowned as Atlantia's first King by his successor to the Kingdom of the East, Sigfried.

Baronies and Shires of Atlantia

Atlantia covers a great deal of territory, encompassing 26 Baronies, Shires, and Strongholds, with an additional 24 Cantons and Colleges. A partial listing of the groups is available.

Atlantian Royalty

Princes and Princesses of Atlantia:

  1. Alaric and Yseult
  2. Laeghaire and Ysabeau, 9/24/77
  3. Michael and Carissa, 3/18/78
  4. Bryetor and Khirsten, 9/23/78
  5. Tojanerum and Deirde, 3/24/79
  6. Ragnarr and Gwenllian, 9/17/79
  7. Bertrand and Astarte, 4/12/80
  8. Bryetor and Kathryn, 10/11/80

Kings are listed first in the entry, then Queens. Dates and places of investiture are listed if known.

  1. Michael of Bedford and Carissa of Burgandy, 5/2/81, Barony of Tir-y-Don
  2. Bertrand de Flammepoing and Anya de Calais, 9/19/81, Barony of Stierbach
  3. Gyrth Oldcastle and Melisande de Belvoir, 04/03/82, Barony of Storvik
  4. Jahn of Outman and Tuiren de Lisle, 10/09/82, Barony of Tir-y-Don
  5. Michael of Bedford (2) and Carissa of Burgundy (2), 03/26/83, Canton of Falcon Cree
  6. Olaf Askoldsson and Aislinn Shattenwald, 10/01/83, Barony of Sacred Stone
  7. Richard Corwin and Anne Corwin, 04/07/84, Barony of Storvik
  8. Knarlic Wulfherson and Alexis Ruthin of Wessex, 10/20/84, Barony of Marinus
  9. Richard Corwin (2) and Anne Corwin (2), 04/27/85, Barony of Storvik
  10. Olaf Askoldsson (2) and Aislinn Shattenwald (2), 10/12/85, Barony of Hidden Mountain
  11. Tsunetomi Tsuneo and Nyan-Nyan, 04/19/86, Barony of Black Diamond
  12. Klaus von Trollenberg and Arianwen Cyffaith of Caerlon, 10/18/86, Barony of Storvik
  13. Olaf Askoldsson (3) and Judith von Gruenvald, 04/04/87, Barony of Sacred Stone
  14. Baudoin MacKenzie (2) aka: Tsunetomi Tsuneo and Caterina Leonora di Forza d'Argo (2) aka: Nyan-Nyan, 10/3/87, Barony of Windmasters Hill
  15. Dafydd ap Gwystl and Elizabeth Beaufort, 3/12/88, Barony of Storvik
  16. Barry McFadyen and Marie Simone de Barjavel'la Fildena, 09/24/88, Barony of Nottinghill Coill
  17. Michael of Bedford (3) and Seonaid ni Fhionn, 04/08/89, Barony of Marinus
  18. Barry McFadyen (2) and Marie Simone de Barjavel'la Fildena (2), 09/09/89, Barony of Hidden Mountain
  19. Michael of Bedford (4) and Seonaid ni Fhionn (2), 03/03/90, Barony of Storvik
  20. Olaf Askoldsson (4) and Aislinn Shattenwald (3), 09/08/90, Barony of Sacred Stone
  21. Anton Tremayne and Luned of Snowden, 04/06/91, Barony of Windmasters Hill
  22. Galmr Ingolfsson and Katharina von Straubing, 09/14/91, Barony of Dun Carraig
  23. Michael of Bedford (5) and Seonaid ni Fhionn (3), 03/07/92, Barony of Storvik
  24. Steffan of Wulfshaven and Twila of Wulfshaven, 09/12/92, Barony of Storvik
  25. Cuan MacDaige and Arianwen the Nimblefingered, 03/06/93, Canton of Hindscroft
  26. Black Kane O’Shannon and Muirgen of Caer Dubh, 09/04/93, Barony of Caer Mear
  27. Anton Tremayne (2) and Luned of Snowden (2), 3/5/94
  28. Thorbrandr Olafsson and Eorann O'Connor, 09/10/94, Barony of Dun Carraig
  29. Michael of Bedford (6) and Seonaid ni Fhionn (4), 04/01/95, Barony of Sacred Stone
  30. Cuan MacDaige (2) and Brigit of Mercia, 09/09/95, Barony of Windmasters Hill
  31. Galmr Ingolfsson (2) and Katharina von Straubing (2), 04/20/96, Barony of Storvik
  32. Logan Ebonwoulfe and Arielle the Golden, 10/05/96, Barony of Sacred Stone
  33. Cuan MacDaige (3) and Bera Thorbjarnardottir, 4/5/97, Barony of Caer Mear
  34. Logan Ebonwoulfe (2) and Arielle the Golden (2), 9/13/97, Barony of Sacred Stone
  35. Michael of Bedford(7) and Seonaid ni Fhionn(5), 3/21/98, Barony of Marinus
  36. Anton Tremayne (3) and Luned of Snowden (3), 9/12/98, Barony of Windmasters Hill
  37. Stephan of Bellatrix and Niobe Lais of Bellatrix, 3/20/99, Barony of Caer Mear
  38. Amalric Blackhart and Caia of Snowden, 9/11/99, Barony of Caer Mear
  39. Ragnarr Blackhammer and Kyneburh Boithuile, 4/1/00, Barony of Windmasters Hill
  40. Anton Tremayne (4) and Emer ny Reyly, 9/9/00, Barony of Sacred Stone
  41. Havordh AEttarbani and Mary-Grace of Gatland, 4/7/01, Barony of Caer Mear
  42. Galmr Ingolfsson (3) and Aryanna Hawkins, 9/8/01
  43. Logan Ebonwoulfe (3) and Isabel Grimault, 4/3/02, Barony of Windmasters Hill
  44. Cuan Macdaige (4) and Padraigin O'hEachach, 9/07/02
  45. Logan Ebonwoulfe (4) and Isabel Grimault (2), 4/5/03, Canton of Falcon Cree
  46. Ragnarr Blackhammer (2) and Kyneburh Boithuile (2), 9/6/03, Barony of Stierbach
  47. Cuan Macdaige (5) and Padraigin O'hEachach (2), 4/03/04, Shire of Seareach
  48. Janos of Cyddlain Downs and Rachel Wallace, 9/04/04, Barony of Windmasters' Hill
  49. Robert DeRath and Denise Duvalier, 4/02/05, Barony of Lochmere
  50. Janos of Cyddlain Downs and Rachel Wallace, 9/03/05, Nottinghill Coill
  51. Michael of Bedford (8) and Seonaid ni Fhionn, (6), 4/1/06, Canton of Rivers Point
  52. Ragnarr Blackhammer (3) and Anneke Raudhe, 9/02/06, Barony of Sacred Stone
  53. Lucius Aurelius Valharic and Arielle the Golden, (3), 4/7/07, Barony of Sacred Stone
  54. Logan Blackwoulfe (5) and Rowan Berran McDowell, 9/1/07, Barony of Stierbach
  55. Randal Sinclair Hawkins and Kari Kyst, 4/5/08, Barony of Hawkwood
  56. Jason Kynslay and Gerhild the Willful, 9/13/08, Barony of Ponte Alto


Awards and Honors

The Kingdom of Atlantia currently has eighteen awards and orders active, and a further three orders which have been closed. For the purposes of the Order of Precedence the current orders are split into three groups: Orders of High Merit, Orders of Merit and Kingdom Orders and Awards. Orders of High Merit bestow a ranking between that of Landed Baronage and a Grant of Arms. Orders of Merit bestow a ranking between that of a Grant of Arms and a Court Baronage. The remaining Kingdom Orders and Awards bestow no precedence.

Kingdom devices

Person or group Image
King Same as kingdom
Queen Atlantia-qc.png
Prince Princeatlantia.jpg
Princess Princessatlantia.jpg
Populace badge Spike.jpg

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