Kingdom of Ansteorra

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Kingdom of Ansteorra
Or, a mullet of five greater and five lesser points sable within a laurel wreath vert, in chief a crown of three points, all within a tressure sable, overall issuant from base a demi-sun gules.
Founded: A.S. XIV
Parent Kingdom: Kingdom of Atenveldt
King: Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaern
Queen: Ginevria di Betto di Adriano
Modern location
Oklahoma and most of Texas

The Kingdom of Ansteorra is the SCA kingdom that geographically covers most of Texas and all of Oklahoma in the USA. The current King and Queen of Ansteorra are Their Stellar Majesties Owen and Ginevria.

Ansteorra was originally the Principality of Ansteora [sic] a part of the Kingdom of Atenveldt. It became a Kingdom 21 June A.S. XIV (1979).


Principality of Ansteorra

Reign	Coronation	Prince and Princess
3	1978-12-09	Simonn of Amber Isle and Tessa of the Gardens
2	1978-05-20	Randal von Nordlichwald and Constance von Nordlichwald
1	1977-11-26	Sean McFlamm of Ravenswaard and Katharina von Alyssin 

Kingdom of Ansteorra

Reign	Coronation	King and Queen
65      2011-05-14      Lochlan Dunn and Gwen verch Cynwrig de Ynys Mon
64      2010-11-06      Ulsted the Unsteady V and Ebergardis von Zell III
63      2010-05-15      Jean Paul de Sens and Gilyan Alienora Clonmacnoise 
62      2009-11-07      Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaern and Ginevria di Betto di Adriano
61      2009-05-16      Hrafn Olafsson and Elizabeta di Valore della Rosa
60      2008-11-08      Gunthar Jonsson II and Elizabeth Seale
59      2008-07-12      Ulsted the Unsteady IV and Ebergardis von Zell II
58	2008-01-12	Aaron MacGregor III and Vanessa de Verona II
57	2007-07-07	Ulsted the Unsteady III and Ebergardis von Zell
56	2007-01-27	Romanius Vesperianus and Deanna della Penna
55	2006-07-08	Aaron MacGregor II and Britta MacGregor II
54	2006-01-14	Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim II and Valeria Richela Navarro II
53	2005-07-09	Jason MacPherson II and Saereid Sigmundsdottir II
52	2005-01-15	Ulsted the Unsteady II and Cateau d'Ardennes II
51	2004-07-10	Quintus Aurelius Dracontius (Alaric Drake)II and Seburga de Aldebourne
50	2004-01-10	Miguel Sebastian da Oporto II and Conal Alexandria O'Riordain II
49	2003-07-12	Ulsted the Unsteady and Cateau d'Ardennes
48	2003-01-11	Miguel Sebastian da Oporto and Conal Alexandria O'Riordain
47	2002-07-13	Patrick Michael Gordonne V and Julia de Montoya V
46	2002-01-12	Aaron MacGregor and Britta MacGregor
45	2001-07-07	Duncan Arthur Ross the Black and Larissa Alwynn Clarewoode
44	2001-01-13	Jason MacPherson and Saereid Sigmundsdottir
43	2000-07-22	Timotheos Kalamanos and Allyson Tymmes
42	2000-01-15	Alaric Drake and Kay Leigh Drake
41	1999-07-10	Dafydd Whitacre and Octavia de Verdon
40	1999-01-16	Gunthar Jonsson and Sara Penrose
39	1998-07-11	Barn Silveraxe and Katrionna Heather MacLochlainn
38	1998-01-17	Jean Richard Malcolmson II and Gladwen of Aylesford
37	1997-07-26	Kein MacEwan II and Alisha MacLeod II
36	1997-01-18	Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim and Valeria Richela Navarro
35	1996-07-20	Mikael of Monmouthshire IV and Mikaela of Monmouthshire II
34	1996-01-20	Galen Edwin Kirchenbauer and Rebekah Kleinspielerin
33	1995-07-22	Patrick Michael Gordonne IV and Julia de Montoya IV
32	1995-01-28	Mikael of Monmouthshire and Mikaela of Monmouthshire
31	1994-07-16	Jean Richard Malcolmson and Anora Frayne of Winward
30	1994-01-22	Inman MacMoore VI and Athena Mawrcan Derwen Ddu II
29	1993-07-17	Kein MacEwan and Alisha MacLeod
28	1993-01-23	Sutan Bloodaxe and Regina Gunnvor Morningstar
27	1992-07-18	William Miesko and Catherine Blackrose
26	1992-01-25	Patrick Michael Gordonne III and Julia de Montoya III
25	1991-07-13	Charles Inman MacMoore V and Athena Mawrcan Derwen Ddu
24	1991-01-26	Rowan Beatrice von Kampfer III and Hector Philip Martel III
23	1990-07-21	Patrick Michael Gordonne II and Julia de Montoya II
22	1990-01-27	Mikael of Monmouthshire II and Rebekka die Blonde II
21	1989-07-01	Patrick Michael Gordonne and Julia de Montoya
20	1989-01-28	Gerard MacEanruig and Vanessa de Verona
19	1988-07-23	Mikael of Monmouthshire and Rebekka die Blonde
18	1988-01-23	Hector Philip Martel II and Rowan Beatrice von Kampfer II	 	
17	1987-07-25	Seamus of the Cats and Karlanna of Applecross Woods
16	1987-01-31	Hector Philip Martel and Rowan Beatrice von Kampfer
15	1986-07-19	Charles Inman MacMoore IV and Drusilla of Northumbria
14	1986-02-15	Dinaris the Wanderer and Marguerite de la Croix
13	1985-07-27	Seamus of the Cats and Karlanna of Applecross Woods
12	1985-02-27	Charles Inman MacMoore III and Arrowyn of Emerald Moor III
11	1984-09-08	Jonathon DeLaufyson Macebearer II and Willow de Wisp II
10	1984-03-03	Charles Inman MacMoore II and Arrowyn of Emerald Moor II
9	1983-09-04	Simonn of Amber Isle and Tessa of the Gardens
8	1983-02-12	Sigmund the Wingfooted II and Sieglinde Syr II
7	1982-07-10	Charles Inman MacMoore and Arrowyn of Emerald Moor 	
6	1982-01-30	Lloyd von Eaker II and Joselyn Allyne Reynard II
5	1981-07-18	Finn Kelly O'Donnell and Elzasif Ironhand
4 	1981-01-31	Sigmund the Wingfooted and Sieglinde Syr
3	1980-06-21	Jan w Orzeldom and Kemreth Danil
2	1979-11-18	Lloyd von Eaker and Joselyn Allyne Reynard
1	1979-06-16	Jonathan DeLaufyson Macebearer and Willow de Wisp

A brief history on Ansteorra can be read at


Ansteorra is divided into 5 administrative regions:

Central Region

Coastal Region

Northern Region

Southern Region

Western Region

Kingdom devices

Person or group Image
King Same as kingdom
Queen Ansteorradevice-qc.png
Populace badge Ansteorra badge.png

Kingdom Awards

  • Order of the Golden Lance of Ansteorra
 Grant level order for equestrian pusuits.
  • Order of the Arc d’Or of Ansteorra
 Grant level order for expertise in archery, both combat and target.  
  • Order of the Centurions of the Sable Star of Ansteorra
 Grant level polling order exceptional leadership on the chivalric field.
  • Order of the Iris of Merit of Ansteorra
 Grant level order for expertise in the arts and sciences.
  • Order of the Star of Merit of Ansteorra
 Grant level order for exceptional service to the Kingdom.
  • Order of the White Scarf of Ansteorra
 Grant level polling orderfor expertise in the field of rapier combat.
 Armigerouis award for service to local groups that are not Baronies (ie, Shires_. 
  • Award of the Compass Rose of Ansteorra
 Armigerous award for service to the youth of the Kingdom.
  • Award of the Sable Thistle of Ansteorra
 Armigerous award for abilities in of particular field of the arts and sciences. Can be given multiple times for diferent fields.
  • Award of the Sable Crane of Ansteorra
 Armigerous award for serrvice to the Kingdom.
  • Award of the Sable Talon of Ansteorra
 Armigerous award for expertise in a particular form of marshalate activity.  Can be given mutiple times for different fields.  Given for Chivalric, rapier, archery, siege or thrown weapons.
  • Award of the King’s Gauntlet of Ansteorra
 Armigerous award for service to the King during his reign.
  • Award of the Queen’s Glove of Ansteorra
 Armigerous award for service to the Queen during her reign.
  • Award of the Sable Falcon
 Non-armigerous award for chivalric combat.
  • Award of the Rising Star of Ansteorra
 Non-armigerous award for service by youths of the Kingdom.
  • Award of the Queen’s Rapier
 Non-armigerous award for rapier combat.
  • Order of the Sable Garland of Ansteorra
 An order that carries no precedence given to those Knights that have served and promoted the honor and spirit of Ansteorra within its borders and beyond and shall have been a vital part of the fabric of Ansteorra through service, council, knowledge, and shared knowledge. They shall have used all talents and means to preserve and protect the Kingdom, the Crown, and the standards and ideals of their oaths. The order may only create new members or close the order by unanimous vote. 
  • Award of the King’s Archer of Ansteorra
 Non-armigerous award for archery, combat or target.
  • Award of the Golden Bridle of Ansteorra
 Non-armigerous award for equestrian pursuits.
  • Order of the Lions of Ansteorra
 Given to the indiuvidual the Crow believes exemplifies the Dream.  This is possibly the most repected award in Ansteorra, but it carries no precedence.  It may only be given by the Crown once per reign.

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