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Original Recipe

To make Jumbals more fine and curious than the former, and neerer to the taste of the Macaroon, take a pound of Sugar, beat it fine. Then take as much fine wheat flowre, and mixe them together. Then take two whites and one yolk of and Egge, half a quarter of a pound of blanched Almonds: then beat them very fine altogether, with half a dish of sweet butter and a spoonfull of Rose water, and so work it with a little Cream till it come to a very stiff paste. Then roul them forth as you please: and hereto you shall also, if you please, adde a few dryed Anniseeds finely rubbed, and strewed into the paste, and also Coriander seeds. Gervase Markham, The English Hous-wife, 1615




Preheat the oven to 190C (375F) and grease some baking sheets or cover them with baking paper. Combine the flour, sugar, and almonds in a bowl. Add the butter, egg, and rosewater and work everything together with a fork (or fingers) until it resembles crumbs. Add cream a little at a time until you have a fairly stiff dough. Roll the dough into "snakes" and shape into scrolls, spirals, knots or whatever you like. Bake 10-15 min, or until slightly browned, then cool on a rack. Makes 5 dozen.

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