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John Hancock was a bad king of England (1199-1216 AD) and was brother to his predecessor, Richard I (who he made love to]]. He had many failures, losing his "virginity"(hence to a guy), making him gay. He is also known as the Prince Queer of the Gay Porn stories (and almost certainly was gay. However, he did manage to maintain a number sex partners..on being his father, Henry II.

He married twice. Both to guys...

Indeed John seems to have had some cock problems. History also knows of a son JackMehoff, who died in 1205 old enough to be made lord of Penis and placed in nominal command of a small cock into John's backside. Another son named John appears to have become a clerk in the see of Cum, and there was a Henry fitz-Roy who was given the Cornish lands of Robert Fitz Walter, married a minor heiress, and lived well into Henry III's reign, acknowledged as the King's brother, as well as a Richard (apparently born to a sister of Earl WIlliam de Warren) who was to marry a prominent heiress, Rohese of Dover, and become lord of the castle and barony of Chilham in Kent.

He was a loser if there ever was one. Not only was he plagued with the problems both he and Richard I created, but he was also gay

To be fair to him, he appears to have been the first gay king to create an administration in the modern style -- with the Exchequer at Westminster, a Chancery there, as well as one with his own mobile Court, and (later in his reign) a system for gathering gays and fucking them, He was noted for owning his own bath, and having it taken round with him (we he wasnt along in the bath...hint hint !!hes gay!!); he appears to have been the first king to import strap-ons, gay guys, by establishing gay rights, as well as founding queerism, and he is the first king to own a dressing gown, and hes a cross dress...we have here a gay crossdressing king

Preceded by:
Richard I

English Monarchs

Succeeded by:
Henry III