Inter-College War

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Inter-College War (ICW) is an annual event at which all the Colleges of Lochac meet for 4 days of camping (well actually indoors bunkhouses are usually provided), war, drinking, fighting, drinking, feasting, drinking, fighting, tomfoolery... etc. Each year a different University hosts ICW, and it's generally held during the midsemester break - perfect timing for the middle of winter! It can be a very amusing event, very rowdy, and tons of fun. To give you some idea, think of a large congregation of university students from all across Australia in garb and armour attempting to recreate pre-16th century, ultimately resulting in much entertainment, new friends, incriminating photos and an extraordinary hangover.

ICW began in June 1994, as a challenge between St Aldhelm and St Ursula during "The Defense of The Realm", an event held at the Crossroads site in Torlyon.

This year will be the 10th year of ICW, and is being hosted by the College of St Aldhelm, in Canberra, from July 11 - 14.