Inter-College War

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Inter-College War (ICW) is an annual SCA event in Lochac at which all the Colleges of the kingdom meet for 4 days of camping (well actually indoors bunkhouses are usually provided), war, drinking, fighting, drinking, feasting, drinking, fighting, tomfoolery... etc. Each year a different University hosts ICW, and it's generally held during the midsemester break - perfect timing for the middle of winter! It can be a very amusing event, very rowdy, and tons of fun. To give you some idea, think of a large congregation of university students from all across Australia in garb and armour attempting to recreate pre-16th century, ultimately resulting in much entertainment, new friends, incriminating photos and an extraordinary hangover.

ICW began in June A.S. XXIX (1994), as a challenge between St Aldhelm and St Ursula during "The Defense of The Realm", an event held at the Crossroads site in Torlyon.

1994 *ICW I - Held by St Aldhelm - sword of knowledge
1995 *ICW II - Held at Torlyon, Amesbury (later to become College of St Augustine) won.
1996 *ICW III - Held at the old Rowany Festival site by St Ursula, St Ursula won.
1997 *ICW IV - Held in Innilgard by Blessed Herman, Blessed Herman won. Also won Gui's buttocks.
1998 *ICW V - Held in Innilgard by Blessed Herman, St Ursula won. Gui's buttocks were presented by St Ursula to Blessed Herman.
1999 *ICW VI - Held in Politarchopolis by St Aldhelm, St Ursula won.
2000 *ICW VII - Held in Ynys Fawr by St Gildas, St Ursula won.
2001 *ICW VIII - Held in Agaricus by St Malachy, Blessed Herman won.
2002 *ICW IX - Held in Innilgard by Blessed Herman, St Ursula won.
2003 *ICW X - Held in Politarchopolis by St Aldhelm. The beginning of the curse of ICW.
2004 *ICW XI - Held in Krae Glas by St Monica from July 8 - 12, A.S. XXXIX (2004), Blessed Herman won. Also known as Soup War.
2005 *ICW XII - Held by St Ursula. No victor recorded.
2006 *ICW XIII - Held by College of St Crispin. Won by College of St Aldhelm
2007 *ICW XIV - N/A
2008 *ICW XIV.5 - Held by College of St Aldhelm who ended the curse. St Ursula won.
2009 *ICW XV - Held by College of St Bartholomew. St Ursula won.
2010 *ICW XVI - Held by St Ursula. Won by St Ursula
2011 *ICW XVII- Held by [[College of St Gildas the Wise], Won by St Ursula
2012 *ICW XVIII - Held by College of St Aldhelm. Won by St Andronicus, who "lost" the sword at Rowany Festival. Sword "Rescued" by St Ursula 2014 *ICW XIX - Held by St Ursula in Rowany. Won by St Ursula. Sword reappeared on last night, then lost in a broom closet, where it was rescued by Blessed Herman. Sword sent on holiday to various colleges. 2015 *ICW XX - Held by Blessed Herman in Innilgard. Won by St Basil. Blessed Herman's seneschal kidnapped by colleges of St College of St Bartholomew, College of St Basil the Great, and St Ursula. Blessed Herman Seneschal also declared "Quartermaster's fine booty".