Inlands Region

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The Inlands Region is an administrative region of the Kingdom of An Tir. It consists of consists of Washington east of the Cascades and northern Idaho.


  • Barony of Wastekeep (Tri-Cities, Washington)
    • Canton of Akornebir (Walla Walla, WA)
  • Barony of Wealdsmere (Spokane, WA)
    • Canton of Silverhart (Coeur d'Alene, ID)
  • Barony of Vulkanfeldt (Yakima, WA)
  • Shire of Ambergard (Ephrata, WA)
  • Shire of Dregate (Omak, WA)
  • Shire of Grimwith (Pend O'Reille and Stevens Counties, WA)
  • Shire of Pendale (Sandpoint, ID)
  • College of Cranehaven (Wenatchee, WA)
  • College of Lyonsmarche (Moscow, ID, Pullman, WA)

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