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A list of commonly referred to and controversial clothing styles in the SCA

Some of these are misnomers, unrepresentative of the breadth of clothing of the medieval period, or are often poorly reproduced. However, they are the style names current in Lochac, and a beginner costumer will often encounter them. A good glossary of such terms (in their many uses) can be found at the following external link: Marc Carlson's "Some Clothing of the Middle ages; Glossary"

Medieval clothing styles by time period:

Medieval Clothing styles by Region:

Clothing styles by profession or cultural group

(i.e. styles that will be distinct from the normal clothing styles of the time):

Clothing for special purposes

This page is a work in progress, and also an overview the scope of which is beyond any average person. Details will be wrong - fix them. Go on, you know you're just itching to fill in the gaps.