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Historical Housecarls

A Housecarl (sometimes spelled Huscarl or housecarle, originally huskarl) was a professional soldier retained by a Scandanavian king. This term was eventually exported to the Anglo-Saxons during the 11th century who took it to mean warrior who had sworn fealty to a lord. As vassals living in a noble's household. Housecarls were the standing royal fighters of Anglo-Saxon England, comparable to knights elsewhere in Europe.

They were required to have the best quality equipment and if they failed to do so they would be expelled from the Huscarls. They had additional duties acting in their lord's stead in a number of tasks.

SCA Housecarls

Calling one's self a Housecarl is an appropriate thing if one is of a Scandinavian culture where they existed. However within the Kingdom of [Calontir] a Huscarl (their spelling) is someone who has received the Grant of Arms level award either for excellence in Armored Combat or Archery (of either the combat or target variety).

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