House Ypotryll

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House Ypotryll is a household of Stormhold run by privateer? Lord Hanbal Al Barbary. His 'crew' include Ute von Tangermunde, Brighid Gwynedd, Conan Mac Andreis, Senena verch Maelgwn ap Rys, Cian Gillebhrath, Liadan inghean Glaisin, Aaron Mac Andreis, Raven the Dark, Yassim Habbib, Celeste de Clair, Aelfwyne Maccuswell, Boris Redfeather, Eleanora de la Birche, Mungo of the Rock and Isabeau.

The device of the household is a flying ypotryll, and they can be distinguished by their prominent display of blue and yellow everywhere (along with pirate miscellany)