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==Offsite Link==
==Offsite Link==
* [http://dance.eclecsia.org/docs/horses_nemisis_new.html Why “Horse’s Branle” gives dancemasters headaches]
* [http://dance.eclecsia.org/docs/horses_nemisis_new.html Why
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The Horses' branle is found in Orchesography by Thoinot Arbeau. It is one of the mimed branles.

Steps Used


Like the Candlestick Branle, this branle is done by couples holding hands with each other, and is not known to have any specific formation in which the couples are arranged. The couples hold both hands; the simplest way is to take near hands facing one's partner, but it is not known if this is correct.

The two strains of music alternate until such time as the musicians decide to stop.

1st Strain


2nd Strain

Men: TR TR SR DL, turning round to the left during the double
Women do the same: TR TR SR DL, turning round to the left during the double


This dance has been adapted by modern people into a mixer, in which the couples are in one of various larger formations and the final turn takes each dancer away from his or her partner. These modern versions may best be learned in person from those who do them.

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