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There are lots of things you can do to help the autocrat:

  • weeks/days before the event
    • book early for an event to help planning
    • ALWAYS tell the autocrat/feastocrat any special dietary requirements (or expect to not be able to eat much). Yes this includes vegetarians.
    • If you can help with a particular job eg cleanup, let the autocrat know in advance that they'll have a helper. (and then don't cancel out for anything other than an emergency
    • Often autocrats/feastocrats can use an extra driver to transport stuff from one place to annother
    • Offer to advertise their event to your local group/the group you know you'll be visiting tommorow
  • on the day of the event, before it starts
    • cooks always have things needing chopping up, benches to scrub, trailers to unpack
    • organisers may have pavillions to set up, eric ropes to lay outs, etc.
  • during the event
    • give the autocrat and feastocrat a hug.
    • there are always dishes and odd jobs in the kitchen for a non-cook, also jobs serving (bringing food to the tables)
    • The kitchen is a great way to meet people at an event, and to learn to cook in a medieval way
    • Obey any instructions by the autocrat in a timely manner without complaints (unless the instruction is really unreasonable - try not to quibble about minor things)
    • vollunteer - ask what can be done
  • at the end of the day (packup)
    • halls get swept/mopped
    • kitchens have dishes
    • bins need emptying
    • banners get taken down
    • pack up your stuff into a neat pile so it is out of the way of cleaner-uppers
    • tables and chairs often get put away
    • pavillions taken down