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Starting a new page on Cunnan is fairly simple. There are two different ways of doing this, one where the article to be written has a link to it already and another where the article has no links to it.

There is a link to the article already
Words written in red in articles are links to other articles that don't exist yet. You can follow this link and will be taken to a screen where you can create the articles first version. Don't worry if your first version is only a few words long, other users can expand upon it later.

There are no links to the article I want to write
Ok, well before you can write it you're going to have to make a link to it (this stops people from creating "Orphan" articles). Find an article to which the new article will be relevant (there is a list of popular topics on the main page) and click on "Edit this page" in the left hand menu. You can then add a link to the article you want to start by adding in some words with double square brackets around them [[Like This]]. If you dont know where to put the link in the article you can always add something like "See also [[Some other article]]" near the end. Once you've made the new link and clicked the "save changes" button. You can follow the new link and start a new article!

Once you've started a new article everyone is free to edit it.