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There are two steps to starting an article. The first is getting to the new article's editing page and the other is adding content.

Creating the article

Starting a new page on Cunnan is fairly simple. There are two different ways of doing this, one where the article to be written has a link to it already and another where the article has no links to it.

There is a link to the article already

Words written in red in articles are links to other articles that don't exist yet. You can follow this link and will be taken to a screen where you can create the article's first version. Don't worry if your first version is only a few words long, other users can expand upon it later.

There are no links to the article I want to write

Ok, well before you can write it you're going to have to make a link to it (this stops people from creating "Orphan" articles). Find an article from which a link to the new article will be relevant and click on "Edit this page" in the left hand menu. You can then add a link to the article you want to start by adding in some words with double square brackets around them [[Like This]]. If you dont know where to put the link in the article you can always add something like "See also [[Some other article]]" near the end. Once you've made the new link and clicked the "save changes" button. You can follow the new link and start a new article!

Adding Content

What information you add to articles is up to you. But there are a couple of things to look out for.

Adding content that has been published before

If what you are adding has been published before (and you have permission from the author/copyright holder) then you can add it to Cunnan. When you do this you should add the following note to the end of the article: "This article is based on an original article by personXYZ. You can find a copy of the original at urlXYZ." Remember to change personXYZ and urlXYZ to the right name and website address.


As a rule when editing Cunnan you should try to avoid adding "by lines" to articles. The wiki software automatically records who made edits and what they changed. For example you can look at the History of this page and see who contributed what.


Once you've started a new article everyone is free to edit it.

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