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== Period Recipe ==
From the [[Forme of Cury]]
:'''''HEBOLACE''. VII.'''
:Take Oynouns and erbes and hewe hem small and do es to gode broth. and ''aray'' it as ou didest caboches. If ey be in fyssh day. ''make'' on the same ''maner'' with water and oyle. and if it be not in Lent ''alye'' it with zolkes of ''Eyren''. and dresse it forth and cast er to powdour douce.
=== Notes ===
* ''Hebolace''. Contents, Hebolas; for ''Herbolas'', from the herbs used; or, if the first letter be omitted (see the Contents), ''Chebolas'', from the Chibols employed.
* ''aray''. Dress, set it out.
* ''make''. Dress. Vide Gloss.
* ''maner''. manner.
* ''alye''. Mix. V. Gloss.
* ''Eyren''. Eggs. V. Gloss.
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== Modern Recipe ==
=== Ingredients ===
* Item.
* Item.
=== Method ===
# Do stuff.
# Do stuff.
== Notes ==
The historical version of this recipe was taken from the [[Project Gutenberg]] e-text of the [[Forme of Cury]].
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