Heavy fighting

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Heavy Fighting is the term used to refer to armoured foot combat. Participants are assumed to be armoured in a mail hauberk, with bloiled leather armor covering the legs and arms, and a Norman style helm with a nasal. The weapons used are made of rattan covered in duct tape with foam thrusting tips (if the weapon has them).

Heavy fighting comes in three varieties: First, Tournament which is one on one in a small defined area (called a list field), second melee, being many on many on a list field, and third war, which takes place on open fields, in woods or over/around structures such as walls, forts and bridges. War combat also allows archery, seige weapons and thrown weapons (mixed combat).

Heavy combat is the style used to choose palatine rulers (Palatine Baron/Baroness, Viceroy/Vicereign, Prince/Princess and King/Queen). All particpants must be authorised by a senior marshal. Authorisation involves a test on the Rules of Combat followed by a supervised bout against an experienced opponent. Generally most people have to train regularly for 3-6 months before they are ready to authorise.