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Grimstock is a dance from Playford's Dancing Master.

Steps and Movements Used

  • Doubles forward by the left foot and the right (DL and DR), and back (DLb and DRb)
  • Set and Turn left and right (STL and STR)
  • Hey
  • Sides (SdR and SdL)
  • Arms (AR and AL)



This dance is done by three couples in line along the hall; when they face up the hall the men are on the left and the women are on the right.

First Verse

Facing up and holding hands with partners, do a double forward, then a double back again. Turning to face partners, do a set and turn left. Repeat, but this time set and turn right.


First Chorus

Men do a hey while the women do a hey in mirror image of them, beginning with the first man and woman passing down the middle between the second man and woman.

Second Verse

Couples do sides by the right with partners, then set and turn left. Repeat the other way.


Second Chorus

Do the figure from the first chorus, but this time taking hands, as follows: First couple face down, join inside hands, and lead down under the second couple's arms as the second couple faces up, joins inside hands, and goes up the outside past the first; continue this action with the third couple joining hands and leading under the first couple's hands, etc., each couple changing hands at either end of the line, and the couple at the end always leading under the next couple's arms, until all have returned to their original places.

Third Verse

Couples do arms by the right arm with each other, then set and turn left. Repeat the other way.


Third Chorus

As the first chorus, except that the first man and woman cross over at the beginning to hey with each others' lines, and cross over again when they reach the bottom.

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