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==How to==
==How to==
# Find unclaimed wilderness
# Find unclaimed wilderness
# Get tools -- scythe, spade & mattock, big stick, big dog
# Get tools -- scythe, spade
# Get peasants to do the work (use the big stick to encourage them)
# Have the taller grass etc removed
# Select those flowers and vegetables already there which you wish to keep
# Have the other vegetation (weeds) removed
# Tend what is left
# Have it guarded against predatory animals, birds, etc by peasants plus big dog
# Bring in plants and vegetables from elsewhere
# Plant them and tend them
# In your declining years sit and enjoy
===Beware of===
* Rabbits, Badgers and other burrowing animals, after your vegetables
* Deer, pigs, sheep, etc., also after your veg
* Love-besotted swains who nick your blooms
* Tax assessors, who will try to raise your taxes
* Tourney organisers, who will thank you for clearing a space and then send their fighters to trample over all you have done [see big stick, big dog; also consider nether orifices (the organisers', not your own)]
==See Also==
* [[12th century gardens]]

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A way of taking the 'wild' out of the 'wilderness'.

How to

  1. Find unclaimed wilderness
  2. Get tools -- scythe, spade