Finnvarr de Taahe

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Finnvarr de Taahe (alternatively spelled Finnvar, Finvarr and Fionbar in some manuscripts) is a very notable SCAdian dwelling in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Currently his full title is His Grace Sir Finnvarr Duke de Taahe, having been the past monarch of the Eastrealm and the Middle Kingdom. Finvarr was knighted in A.S. VI, raised to the Order of the Pelican in A.S. XIII, and has been a triple peer since A.S. XXXVI, when he was elevated to the Order of the Laurel. He was awarded the title of Count after his first reign in the East Kingdom in A.S. VIII, and has been a Duke since A.S. XII.

Duke Finnvarr is on record in the Chronicles of Eoforwic as being the first SCAdian active in what is now Ealdormere; He is also credited with commissioning the first of the Chronicles, and is mentioned repeatedly throughout them.

The Chronicles bear numerous references to his martial prowess, including one victory at the Spring Tourney in The Barony of Beau Fleuve in A.S. XIII as "...his first victory since he began to fight left-handed." Finnvarr has greatly influenced not only the culture of Ealdormere, but of several kingdoms of the Known Worlde. Mentions of Finnvarr abound in the bardic and historic works of the Northlands, perhaps most notably in the Dialogue of Chivalrie by Etienne de l'Isle.

His Grace's blazon is: Azure a Drakkar proper within an orle of mullets of six OR, upon the sail of the Drakkar a Trillium, the trillium being an augmentation of arms from the Principality of Ealdormere. His Grace rarely wears these arms, however, preferring the badge of his household, Azure a mullet of six points within an orle of mullets of six points OR.