Fibre arts

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Fibrearts covers the production of thread and cloth from fibres. The arts include shearing, carding, spining, weaving, felting, fulling, dying, and printing. Materials can come from animals (wool from sheep, silk from silk worm cocoons), plants (linen from flax, cotton, hemp) or from a blend of materials.

Sometimes in the SCA the term is also used in a wider sense to cover the production of braids and items made from spun fibres to a finished peiece or cord, eg tablet weaving, braiding, netting etc

Fibrearts in the SCA

Many players in the SCA like to practise these art forms. There are several ways to contact someone in your local area to learn more about/share knowledge about the fibrearts:

  • contact a local guild that covers fibre arts (if there is one)
  • walk up and talk to anyone who is practising a fibre art at an event
  • practise a fibreart at an event, to draw in others who do the same
  • ask around in person and on email lists for your local area if anyone does fibrearts
  • ask your local laurel council if there are any laurels for fibrearts in your area

Guilds for fibrearts

Many kingdoms and smaller areas have guilds that cover the fibrearts. Some encompass every aspect of the art (eg Lochac Fibreguild), while others maintain very narrow fields of interest (eg East Kingdom Narrowworker's guild).

  • Lochac Fibreguild [[1]]
  • East Kingdom Narrowworker's guild [[2]]