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Most feasts require you to bring your own feasting gear. This is so autocrats don't have to arrange place settings for everyone but also so you can customise your table setting to your persona and create a medieval atmosphere.

You need at least one plate, bowl (or two different bowls), a knife, a fork (optional, but useful to modern people), a spoon or better yet two, and a tankard or goblet. Highly reccomended are a tea towel (to wash/wipe your dishes at the end), a serviette (especially if you eat with your hands), and a candle or other form of period lighting(because feasts are not often lit with electric lights). It's good to have feasting gear that gives a medieval feel, i.e. using wooden or metal bowls and plates because plastic isn't period. Ceramic bowls are good too, but some designs look very modern, and others break very easily.

There are also items that can be added to feast gear to show your personas wealth or position, or just look pretty, or be useful. For example salt cellars, embroidered table runners, scraps bowls,....

If it's your first feast you are attending, you will normally be able to get a lend of feasting gear from the hospitaller. If you're wishing to purchase your own, just visit any op-shop and you will ALWAYS find very cheap bowls and goblets. If you're lucky, you may even find a two pronged fork! Even if you think you'd like a fancier set of feast gear later, it's best to invest in a cheap set - you can lend it to your new friends later.

This term is, in some kingdoms, shortened to Feast Gear.

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