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A favour is a small item to show that you are fighting in honour of a particular person. It can be just about anything small enough to carry (or large enough to wear) into combat, and is usually something symbollic of the person who made it.

Common favours are:

  • A piece of embroidery with the person's device, or something that represents them
  • A woven or braided cord or ribben, often using the person's device colours
  • A tassel
  • A coin on a chain or thread
  • Locks of hair (although this may not be all that common)
  • Sleeves (this is traditional and in keeping with period style)
  • Small patches of chainmaille

Favours given as signs of love are called "tokens" in the sca, and as such should preferably be of personal significance to giver and reciever. Ordinary favours (not tokens) do not imply any love interest by themselves, merely that you uphold someone's honour for reasons of friendship or political alliance.