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This is the entry for [[emerald]] from Maplet's [[A Greene Forest]]
===Of the Smaradge===
The ''Smaradge'' hath his name of his excellent and frech greene colour. For everye thing that is grassie greene, is properly called in [[Greek]]e ''Smaron''. It passeth both the leafe and bough of any Tree or plant in this his colour, and in this poynt alone triumpheth, neyther is the Sunne by his Sunne beames, any let or hindrance to this his shew. There is no greater reflection to the eies than the sight of this. It being polished and dressed, sheweth a manhis lively image, whereupon valiant ''Caesar'' had no greater delight, than in looking on this, to see his Warriours fight, and to behold in the ''Smaradge'' which of them went best to worke, and was moste actie. ''Isidore'' sayth, that there be .xii. kindes hereof, but the most noble is found in ''Scithis'', the next in ''Bactria''. This stone sayth ''Cardane'', serveth to devination, and to tell of certaintie, things to come, or otherwise. For that shall come to passe it will never let it sincke or slip out of the minde, and that that shall not, it easily suffereth the minde to forget.

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