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Edgar of Scotland (1074 - January 8, 1107 ), also known as Edgar the Peaceable, was king of Scotland from 1097 to 1107. He was the son of Malcolm III, brother of a previous king Duncan II, and brother of his successor Alexander I. His mother was the English princess, Margaret 'Atheling', grand-daughter of Edmund II, niece of Edward the Confessor.

He died unmarried and childless and was buried at Dumfermline Abbey, Fife.

Some sources accuse him of the blinding of his immediate predecessor Donald III or Donalbane (about whose title to the throne there was and is some doubt despite his claiming it twice) after deposing him and before his death 5 years later.

Little more appears known about him, although one source has him handing the Hebrides over to Norsemen.

Scottish kings


Preceded by
Donald III
Succeeded by
Alexander I

The initial text for this article was taken from wikipedia:Edgar of Scotland