Duct tape

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Duct tape, while not being used or even known during period, is a very handy item... and they would have used it if they'd had it!

Uses in the SCA include:

  • holding armor together
  • holding garb together
  • holding tents together
  • making swords look shiny (if you use the really shiny, not just dull silver, side)
  • holding just about anything together (but don't expect duct tape to help in (most) relationships.)

In the SCA Duct Tape is also known as the Holy Ribbon of Saint Tenacious or attributed to Saint Cunard, patron saint of poor warriors and merchants in a hurry.

"Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together."

Ok, so this isn't medieval, but hey, it's a good use for duct tape!