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Darton Shire of.jpg
Sable, a hunting horn within a laurel wreath Or.
Founded: [[]]
In Kingdom: Lochac
Seneschal: Mistress Marienna Jensdatter
Modern location
Wellington, New Zealand

Dartonshire, or the Shire of Darton, is an SCA branch in the the Kingdom of Lochac. It consists of the area of Wellington, New Zealand.

Dartonshire started life as Darchestershire, but the heralds decided that Darchester sounded too close to Dorchester (a real place big enough to be protected) but would let us have Darton (a number of real places too small to be protected).

Darton is reasonably small, but recruiting via immigration seems to be working well.

Darton's signature event is Darton Anniversary, held somewhere around the 19th of August. Due to the weather at that time of year, it's a great time to dig out all your woolen clothing.

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