Daffodil (Askham)

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This is the entry for daffodil from Askham's Herbal.


This herbe is called Affodyl, The vertue of this herbe is that the leves ben good to heale the dropsy, & the leves of the flowers be good to be drunken to heale venim of wicked beastes, also the juce of this herbe and Myre, and Saffron tempered together in whyte wyne & a litel boyled over the fyer, & strayned through a clothe, is good to heale ronning eyes, also the rote of this herbe brent to powed, is good to heale sore eares & to restore them again, also take an harde clothe that is roughe & wette it in the joyce of this herbe, & rubbe the Morphew therwith sitting against the sonne & it shal do away the Morphewe. Also the rote herof infused in ale or wine, helpeth to vomite. this herb is hote & drye in the second degre.