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How do i add a "book source" to the "book sources" page... i got my lucet book from a Lochac merchant who has a store IRL and she sells tons of great craft books of interest to SCAdians... anyway i thought it might be worth a minor plug on Cunnan... Also I reckon the links should probably say what kind of books the stores sell... places like Amazon may be "everything" but others might be specialist (eg this one).

As another point - you mention we shouldn't put "who wrote this?" questions etc onto an article... i agree, but htinkt here shoudl be place for this stuff - is that place the associated Talk page/ If so we should put that into the "Common Faux Pas" page - Taryn 12:20 25 Jun 2003 (EST)

The book sources page is not changeable from within the wiki. I can add sources but it means editing the wiki software (if you can give me the exact URL style needed to find a book by ISBN number at the site I'll do it).
The "who wrote this"? type comments belong on the talk pages, anything that isn't part of an article belongs there (I think this is the best way to do it) - Tobin

Hmmm... i don't think you can order from the website (they've wisely decided they can't guarantee security) and so you have to email them or whatever with what you want. However you can see their booklist online... is this ok? Have a olok if you like:


a) "special" pages don't seem to have a talk page (which is why my question, below, is going here) - is there a way to add a ilnk to an "about this page" - even if it just links to the approriate help page?

b) on the "recent changes" page, what to the capital N and M stand for?

Just curious :) - Taryn 16:32 25 Jun 2003 (EST)