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Revision as of 09:25, 2 July 2003 by Taryn (talk | contribs) (help!)
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Ok, the redirection thingo doesn't work like the previous wiki - could you please tell me what the new way of redirecting is (and then I can go back and change the two pages I recently tried to put in).

An example of it not working is: How to edit pages -- Taryn 15:41 30 Jun 2003 (EST)

Fixed now, you'd used the ever popular spelling of Cunan for Cunnan ;-) -- Tobin 19:23 30 Jun 2003 (EST)

Ah brilliant. My Bad :) Useful thing to keep in mind, though. Cheers - Taryn 09:58 1 Jul 2003 (EST)

Nope... I've tried about 6 different minor variations for #REDIRECT [[Aglet]] and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. It seems to detect the # and assume i want a numbered list. If it's just an article, do i have to put something else on the front (like cunnan:)? - Taryn 22:25 1 Jul 2003 (EST)