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Ok, the redirection thingo doesn't work like the previous wiki - could you please tell me what the new way of redirecting is (and then I can go back and change the two pages I recently tried to put in).

An example of it not working is: How to edit pages -- Taryn 15:41 30 Jun 2003 (EST)

Fixed now, you'd used the ever popular spelling of Cunan for Cunnan ;-) -- Tobin 19:23 30 Jun 2003 (EST)

Ah brilliant. My Bad :) Useful thing to keep in mind, though. Cheers - Taryn 09:58 1 Jul 2003 (EST)

Nope... I've tried about 6 different minor variations for #REDIRECT [[Aglet]] and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. It seems to detect the # and assume i want a numbered list. If it's just an article, do i have to put something else on the front (like cunnan:)? - Taryn 22:25 1 Jul 2003 (EST)

When you first save it you'll see it as an article not a redirect. If you look at the address bar you should see something like Take away the &redirect=no from the end and it should work fine. Also, articles don't need Cunnan: or anything in front of them. The "name spaces" are only used for things that need to be kept apart from everything else. (E.g. Talk pages, pages about Cunnan and user pages.) - Tobin 22:30 1 Jul 2003 (EST)
I just re-read my explanation but dont think I was clear. The &redirect=no just stops it from acting as a redirect for this time you are viewing the page. It will, or should, work the way you'd expect when people come accross it later (they wont have &redirect=no as part of the address) - Tobin 03:07 2 Jul 2003 (EST)

"'doh!" (slaps head) - yet again defeated by my own eagerness... oh well - a few extra diffs won't kill us ;) - Taryn 17:23 7 Jul 2003 (EST)

categories and this page

  • firstly the table looks mucked up (from ISBN down)- someone more savvy than me care to fix it?
  • I think we need to add how to add categories, including how to add multiple categories to one article, here. Or a link to a page explaining when ot use categories if that is really necessary.

I for one regularly need to look up this kind of information. Tiff 11:34, 8 Aug 2005 (CDT)