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Cunnan isn't an encyclopeadia

We are not trying to build an encyclopedia of the Middle Ages but rather a practical guide for re-enacters. Wordy historical research should be left to the Wikipedia ( but historical research on a very practical level (eg "how-to"s of period weapon making) can be added to Cunnan.

Cunnan isn't a replacement for other re-enactment sites

Cunnan shouldn't be thought of as a replacement for other sites and this means that Cunnan shouldn't be used to duplicate the functions of other existing sites (newsgroup archiving for example). Some things can be repeated on Cunnan such as event information but things such as local meeting times is best left to the home pages of various re-enactment groups.

Cunnan isn't a perfect reference

Cunnan can be edited by anyone and this means that false information can slip in from time to time. Everything you see here should be taken with a grain of salt and checked against another source. When reading Cunnan you should correct those errors you find and add links to other sites as reference.

Cunnan isn't a link farm

Its tempting to just add links to other sites and not add "real" content to Cunnan but adding content to Cunnan is even better. Even if you only add a few lines to an article it still provides a starting point for other users later on.

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