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In Medieval villages people would gather at the Village Pump to discuss those items that were important to their lives. On Cunnan the Village Pump serves a similar purpose: Giving users a place to meet and discuss current events, policy and content.

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Another upgrade

Those of you who contribute to the Wikipedia will have noticed that over the past few days it has undergone a major facelift as well as having a major feature upgrade. Once the software settles down and the new version is released to the public I will install it here. - Tobin 10:43, 1 Jun 2004 (EST)

The upgrade is now complete. I apologize for the abruptness of the upgrade but there was a problem with the old software (I would have had to reinstall it or install this newer version). The new interface can be customized and we will have category support again.
As always you should report any problems here. - Tobin 18:14, 8 Jun 2004 (EST)

Uploading has been disabled. Was this deliberate, or is it as a result of the upgrade? Conrad Leviston 00:11, 10 Jun 2004 (EST)

It was deliberate (and done on account of the upgrade). I've re-enabled uploads now. - Tobin 01:14, 10 Jun 2004 (EST)

Information taken from Wikipedia

I've noticed that Cunnan is listed on (under SCA wiki). I think that we are listed on the wrong page since we meet the criteria for moderate compliance but that is beside the point. We really should do something about this when we come across articles of our that are copied from the Wikipedia. Just adding "Some of this articles content were taken from the Wikipedia article at http://whateverurl" would be sufficient. - Tobin 10:43, 1 Jun 2004 (EST)

re/moving misspelt page titles

Hi, I have noticed that there is a page for Pavillions. This is a misspelling of Pavilions and while I have corrected all the words inside the page, I don't know how to move the filename. The only way I know is to make a new Pavilions page and redirect Pavillions to it but I am not happy to do this.

Please advise,

Cian, the spelling pedant.

If you are logged in (which you seem to be). You can move a page by clicking the "move" link. It should be along the top of the article (if you are using the new design) or in the left hand set of menus (if you are using the old design). You'll be asked where to move the page to and the old version will be turned into a redirect. - Tobin (PS writing ~~~ will automatically sign your name on talk pages)

Yet another upgrade

There will be a minor version upgrade tonight (sorry about the short notice). There will be no (big) cosmetic changes this time just a few bug-fixes. - Tobin 19:15, 8 Jul 2004 (EST)

Done. If anything explodes mention it here. - Tobin 20:13, 8 Jul 2004 (EST)
Grrr, I broke special characters again. Fixed again. I'll update the database to UTF-8 soon so that this doesn't keep happening. - Tobin 20:36, 8 Jul 2004 (EST)
Not sure if it is related to these changes, but I had something break, I was looking at my watchlist and clikced of "7 days" and it gave me this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: floatval() in /home/sca/public_html/cunnan/includes/SpecialWatchlist.php on line 74

it was the same when I tried clicking on the other day or hour fields for this page. Cheers, taryn