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In Medieval villages people would gather at the Village Pump to discuss those items that were important to their lives. On Cunnan the Village Pump serves a similar purpose: Giving users a place to meet and discuss current events, policy and content.

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The method for pages of years in the modern era seems to be fairly ad hoc. at the moment, so I'd like to propose a standard format.

Firstly, years in CE format (eg 2002) should contain only events outside "the game". This would probably include things like archaeological finds (bananas in a Tudor midden heap etc.) and important events in the life of Cunnan. AS years should contain "in game" events, such as Lochac going crown. AS years could link to the concurrent CE years and vice versa.

Secondly, AS years should include "AS" in their title (ie AS XXXIV, not XXXIV).

This will require a bit of tedious fiddling about, but unless anybody raises objections or has a better idea I'll start on the new format in a few days time. Conrad Leviston 23:01, 24 Mar 2004 (EST)

OK, I've done that, except I have included dots in AS (ie the link reads as A.S. XXXIV). I figure links without dots can be turned into redirect pages as they show up. Conrad Leviston 22:37, 28 Apr 2004 (EST)

  • I can see you've put in the hard yards, Conrad - good work. Now we just have to make it easy for people to maintain. One problem that will crop up is that not many people think in A.S. We can mitigate this by (as you said) linking CE -> A.S., and adding an A.S. timeline article to the main page. Morgant 22:45, 28 Apr 2004 (EST)

Software upgrade time

It is time for the wiki software to be upgraded again as we are lagging behind the current Mediawiki version. There will be some hand new features introduced by this upgrade, including better image handling (thumbnails alignment). Take a look at: for more information on Mediawiki development.

The upgrade should take less than an hour but the database will be locked during that time. I'll try to make sure it happens during a "slow" moment. - Tobin 23:52, 28 Mar 2004 (EST)

  • The upgrade should be over now and everything appears to be working (although all out links vanished for a few minutes there after something in the settings exploded). If anything doesn't work as expected Leave a note here. I'll explain the new features and changes when I have time. - Tobin 11:09, 29 Mar 2004 (EST) range blocked

Since the link spammers working from addresses in the range don't seem to have taken the hint I've blocked all IP addresses in the range (that is from to

This block covers 65,536 addresses so it is possible but very unlikely that it will affect a legitimate editor. - Tobin 19:03, 28 Apr 2004 (EST)

  • I don't think it took, Tobin - our friend's back again. I'll email you what I think the problem is. Morgant 20:16, 29 Apr 2004 (EST)
    • The block should now work. "Thank you" to Morgant for his help on this. - Tobin 23:19, 29 Apr 2004 (EST)

More Chinese Link Spam

The Chinese link spammers are starting to annoy me. I've blocked another range of addresses: (that is from to

I don't like to use range blocks in this way but I don't think any of us feel like spending all our time cleaning up after them.

The problem with this new block, in particular, is that the start of the address range covers American IP addresses and might stop a legitimate editor.

The block can be removed at some time we agree on but I suspect we'll need to leave it for at least a fortnight.

If anyone has a problem with these kinds of blocks then please discuss it here. - Tobin 15:26, 30 Apr 2004 (EST)

varangian household

I am wondering wher this varangian household is based out of. I am in Atenveldt, but learned under steingrim in An Tir. I also want to know if we Varangoi can camp and fight together at Estrella, which is 1 1/2 hours from my house. Please e-mail me at I think it would be interesting to get sort of an international standard on things, like cloaks and rank, loosley in place!

If it is the entry under Varangian, then this is an australian non-sca metal weapons recreational group. I am not sure of the origins of this group (it might be a former sca member), but it is a whole organisation, much larger than a household. I doubt if any will be able to make it to estrella, this being a long way from australia, and also not their normal fighting style (they do sometimes do archery with the sca here, but lochac archery is very differnt from american sca archery), but perhaps if you follow the web link provided, you can invite them to if ever buisness or holidays take them to america. Tiff

Another upgrade

Those of you who contribute to the Wikipedia will have noticed that over the past few days it has undergone a major facelift as well as having a major feature upgrade. Once the software settles down and the new version is released to the public I will install it here. - Tobin 10:43, 1 Jun 2004 (EST)

The upgrade is now complete. I apologize for the abruptness of the upgrade but there was a problem with the old software (I would have had to reinstall it or install this newer version). The new interface can be customized and we will have category support again.
As always you should report any problems here. - Tobin 18:14, 8 Jun 2004 (EST)

Information taken from Wikipedia

I've noticed that Cunnan is listed on (under SCA wiki). I think that we are listed on the wrong page since we meet the criteria for moderate compliance but that is beside the point. We really should do something about this when we come across articles of our that are copied from the Wikipedia. Just adding "Some of this articles content were taken from the Wikipedia article at http://whateverurl" would be sufficient. - Tobin 10:43, 1 Jun 2004 (EST)

re/moving misspelt page titles

Hi, I have noticed that there is a page for Pavillions. This is a misspelling of Pavilions and while I have corrected all the words inside the page, I don't know how to move the filename. The only way I know is to make a new Pavilions page and redirect Pavillions to it but I am not happy to do this.

Please advise,

Cian, the spelling pedant.