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In Medieval villages people would gather at the Village Pump to discuss those items that were important to their lives. On Cunnan the Village Pump serves a similar purpose: Giving users a place to meet and discuss current events, policy and content.

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Enhanced special pages links

It is now possible to link to specific cases of the special pages. Eg [[Special:Whatlinkshere/Heraldry]] will create Special:Whatlinkshere/Heraldry, a list of all pages that link to the Heraldry article. - Tobin (See my contributions, another example of the enhanced special page links ;-)


Two enhancements I'd like to see:

  • A piece of javascript to place the cursor into the search box on entering the main frame. It would be a few liners in the main template. I'll see if I can dig out the code and paste it here.
  • A search for links type page where I can find what links to a certain article without creating the article. e.g. I've written a bunch of pages with links to, say, lollard, lollardry, lollardy, lollards, etc, and I want to find them all in turn if I have to but fix the links so I only create one "lollard" page.

Finding a specific users contributions

I was trying to find an anton's first news headlines article, and anyway i realised I couldn't work out how to view a list of anton's contributions. I'm not fussed if you decide to keep this private, but I believe you've been running under the idea that anyone could *easily* find out what annother contributor has been editting. New software issue? Lack of Links ot help me? i don't know - tell me. And I'm still trying to that article... Tiff

At the bottom of every user page is a "User contributions" link. You can also link to these like so: [[Special:Contributions/Some user name]] e.g. Special:Contributions/Tiff. Anton's contributions can be found at Special:Contributions/Anton (a few of his edits have been made when he wasn't logged in these can be found at Special:Contributions/ Remember though that edits made by someone who is not logged in could actually have been made by anyone, we shouldn't be quick to assume who an anonymous user is). Anyway, Anton's page of sample headlines can be found at Cunnan:Period headline news (it wont show up when you search unless you specify that the software should look in the "Cunnan:" namespace. This option appears at the bottom of the search results page). - Tobin


I just noticed a nice way of handling footnotes on the Wikipedia. It is not only possible to link to headings on another page. It is also possible to link to a heading withing the current page e.g [[#Footnote|<sup>1</sup>]] is translated into a "swish" looking footnote link1 (<--- there it is). If people would like to use this style of footnotes then it might be best to use symbols not numbers as the link text (or an abbreviation of the reference name, etc). - Tobin 21:16, 15 Dec 2003 (EST)


This is where the footnote link links to. Nice isn't it?


I realise that Cunnan is hosted by and mostly maintained by folks from Lochac. My question is, is there an active intent to make the information on it Lochac-centric, or would you like the information to be more widely applicable?

To give an example of what I mean: take a look at non-combatant, and read it while keeping in mind that most Kingdoms have completely different rules for light armour and suchlike. The information given is regionally specific but is not identified as such.

Should it be identified as such? Would you appreciate broader perspectives? Or, if this is intended as a largely Lochacian resource, would it be a good idea to put a prominent notice somewhere informing visitors of this fact?

(ex-Lochac, now in Ealdormere)

Just one voice of many, but.. Personally I'd like to see the widest possible audience for this wiki, with the focus being simply a consequence of the users. So I like lochac and sca specific info, but I prefer giving a general introduction, then saying "in lochac...." or having subsections of articles eg "favours in the sca" after "medieval favours" Sometimes I think articles will be entirely in a subsection eg I think the persona article could be given the subtitle "personas in the sca", enabling other types of personas to be added if anyone comes across them. But since we've labelled this as a sca wiki I'm not so fussy about that as I sound. And finally, yes you are one of the perfect people to help label the wiki thusly - you know what we are talking about when we slip in Lochac centric stuff, and also know which bits are done differently elsewhere (which we often don't). Tiff

I'd think it would be very nice to give the wiki a more general, non-lochac centric feel. Part of this will mean trying to attract more contributors from other kingdoms. If you want to edit something to make it more general then go right ahead! There is no reason for us not to try and cover the entire of the SCA, wiki isn't paper. We can, and should, be as comprehensive as possible! :-)
Much of the Lochac bent that articles have is obviously the result of the people doing the editing (some of the old, old articles still have a St. Monican feel to them.) We should expand the article on cunnan to explain how we got where we are today. - Tobin
I added a [[Cunnan::Lochac-centrism]] page to organize clean up, and proposed some boiler plate for pages that need attention. ~ JakeVortex
I moved the page to Cunnan:Regional point of view (or RPOV) since I am just as apt to write something An Tir-centric. ~ JakeVortex

Redaction Project

In case someone hasn't already noticed I've imported all the recipes from the Forme of Cury into Cunnan. They're useful on their own but they would be aven better with redactions! To help make this happen I've written a set of Redaction project instructions and have cleaned up Recipes from the Forme of Cury to help identify redacted/unredacted recipes. Both pages need to be examined by other users

I've spoken to a few people in Krae Glas and they are (were?) interested in this project so I was planning on testing the instructions/format on the group there before I started announcing this on various mailing lists. Of course, since this is in the wiki anyone is welcome to start now and recruit others (I just wanted to test things out first).

So, have I missed anything obvious in the instructions? Can anyone think of a better way to handle this? - Tobin

Interwiki links

The wiki software provides an easy, wiki style, way to link to other sites. For example [[Google:Cunnan]] creates Google:Cunnan. The list of sites that can be linked to in this way is something that I can easily change if people want me to.

I think it would be useful for us to compile a list of sites that it would be nice for us to be able to link to. Group websites and archives. I'm not keen on the idea of individual's sites but I'm not against them either.

Do people think that this is important enough for us to bother compiling a list? - Tobin

This is great! It seems to already support It would be great to have a list of what all was supported. Be nice to have other related wikis like and elizabethangeek. ~ JakeVortex 07:12, 13 Jan 2004 (EST)