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In Medieval villages people would gather at the Village Pump to discuss those items that were important to their lives. On Cunnan the Village Pump serves a similar purpose: Giving users a place to meet and discuss current events, policy and content.

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Request for Guidance

I hope one (or more) of the sys-admins can assist. Working through the Scottish kings, at some stage I will have to deal with the interregnum between Margaret and the English-imposed John Balliol. I do not want to list this as a specific period on the king-list, but it could so to be covered, with inter alia a list of the contenders. I can see that it can be linked to from Margaret and to John B, but what ought I to title it ?

  • Scotland - Interregnum
  • Scotland 1290-92
  • Scotland -- The Contenders

Suggestions, please. --Simoncursitor 02:27, 7 Jun 2005 (CDT)

I assume you are thinking of adding a table to the bottom of the page similar to the one on the pages for English Monarchs. The Scottish Interregnum sounds like a reasonable name for an article to me. Conrad Leviston 07:21, 7 Jun 2005 (CDT)
Thank you -- I have followed your titling suggestion. --Simoncursitor 03:08, 8 Jun 2005 (CDT)

Main Page alteration

I'd like to have a more interesting front page for Cunnan, which adds a bit of variety. To this end I have edited Cunnan:Main Page with an idea for a monthly edit. This does make the front page rather full, but it does have the advantage of directing readers to some of Cunnans better pages. Other categories that might be added are Historical figure of the month (mainly to highlight Simon's Scottish kings) and SCA group of the month. Feedback please. Conrad Leviston 05:41, 27 Jul 2005 (CDT)

  • I like it. Even larger changes might be a good idea. A "current projects" (e.g. the Form of Cury redaction) section might be a nice replacement for the "News & updates box". I'll try some of my ideas later today and will post the results. - Tobin 23:47, 7 Aug 2005 (CDT)
    • I have been a little presumptuous and added Cunnan:Projects to the main page under Community. This is very much a first draft, and will need a fair bit of improvement to become truly useful. In the medium term I would foresee specific project pages (e.g. Cunnan:12th Century life) where the ideas of any project can be thrashed out. At the moment though Cunnan is a little too small to necessitate this. Conrad Leviston 03:40, 10 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Barony Template Added

I so liked the idea of the Kingdom box template that I created a Barony one. See Barony of Dragonsspine for example of use although its pretty straight forward. Let me know if you'd like to see them for the other locality types (i.e. Canton, Shire, College, etc.) Feedback on it appreciated. Tobin & Co., you have a great wiki here, I love it!--Thorgrimr of Dragonsspine 09:04, 2 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Having been partially resopnsible for the Kingdom box (Tobin did most of the work) I quite like your adaptation. The one problem with both the Kingdom and Barony boxes is the way devices are depicted. Ideally the device will have a transparent background, but even then IE 5.5 and earlier won't display them properly. A white background is the usual wy images come to us and this creates a problem (for me at least) when the Knigdom box metal is yellow. I'm not sure that there is a real solution to this, but feel free to try your own ideas.
Good job though, and I don't see why the boxes shouldn't be used for other locality types. They are a useful way of representing vital statistcs, and look pretty too.
On a related note see Barony of Stormhold for the Lochac Barony navigational aid template. Something similar for other kingdoms may also be worth considering. Conrad Leviston 09:21, 2 Aug 2005 (CDT)

I added a Shire box as well for folks to use. The template looks the same, but you only add a Seneschal instead of two people. Also, I added an image to the Device article since it was in Requested Pictures. --Thorgrimr of Dragonsspine 11:49, 2 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Any way to modify it so it doesn't put up a quasi-error message if you don't have both a Baron and Baroness? Donovan Ravenhull 09:59, 9 Oct 2005 (CDT)

Welcoming new users

For whatever reason, we seem to be picking up new users quite quickly at the moment. Old users, new users, admins and anyone else that feels like it can, and in my opinion should, welcome people to Cunnan and help them feel as though they are part of the community.

Of course, no one is obligated to do this.

Tobin 00:05, 8 Aug 2005 (CDT)

  • Does anyone know where all these new users are coming from? There certainly seems to be a lot of them. - Tobin 23:46, 10 Aug 2005 (CDT)
    • You could ask Del to check the referrer logs. Morgant 01:38, 11 Aug 2005 (CDT)
      • I might do that. I suspect that we may have been mentioned on one or more of the larger Kingdom mailing lists. - Tobin 02:54, 11 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Well, I came in from the Wikipedia site. Donovan Ravenhull 10:03, 9 Oct 2005 (CDT)

Format for Kingdom Pages

Looking at the history file some of you may have noticed I have been fiddling about with the [[]] page. Because there was a decent amount of information up there already I wanted to try and create a format that could be used on the other kingdom pages. Could other regular users take a look at the page and reformat as they think appropriate or leave comments here (is trying to standardise kingdom pages a good thing?) Conrad Leviston 08:20, 8 Aug 2005 (CDT)

  • IMHO I think trying to stardardize category-related pages is a good idea albiet a lot of work unless commuincated well. I think if the Kingdom pages, for example, all have the same look and feel, it is then easier to find the info you want because its in roughly the same place as the last kingdom page you were at. I'm also wondering if anyone has a problem with the amount of graphics I'm contributing to Cunan? --Thorgrimr of Dragonsspine 09:04, 8 Aug 2005 (CDT)

I quite like more graphics, I think many users, like me, just haven't bothered learning those commands yet. I guess if the ammount of graphics is likely to significantly slow page loading for little explainatory benefit, that would be a problem, but i think we are nowhere near that point yet.
I do have one late comment on the kingdom box - perhaps where rulers are given some way of indicating when this information is out of date could be added, since they change at least every 6 months, and updates may be overlooked, and even if they aren't I might be uncertain if that is so. For example a "reigning until" field. This is less of a problem with other groups, since barons/esses and senechals tend to last for a couple of years on average. Tiff 10:49, 8 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Yes, it looks useful, but If i was a casual user of cunnan, but used to webpages, I'd be used to (other) webpages being out of date, and would still doubt the updatedness of such a page. Besides I think it's not a bad piece of information to have - I'm always interested if a set of royalty is newly invested or late in their reign anyway.Tiff 11:16, 9 Aug 2005 (CDT)

New regional point of view tag

With the influx of new people (Hi, everyone!), we're going to have more problems with regional points of view - articles that are only applicable to some of the kingdoms. Those of us from Lochac are as guilty as the rest - what wacky archery rules we have! I've been presumptuous, and added a new template and category to help us deal with the load. It's easy to use- all you have to do is put the following text
in an article, and it will automatically mark it for review here. - Morgant 01:14, 12 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Muslim / Moslem / Islam

I have unified the references (or the links at least) by making all the Moslems into Muslims. Is it now worth making Muslim a re-direct to Islam (since, as I understand it, Muslim is a religious specificator rather than a national or racial one), and commissioning an expert to write the Islam article ? --Simoncursitor 05:29, 15 Sep 2005 (CDT)

  • Well Christianity is a redirect to Christian, so I can see Muslim and Moslem both being a redirect to Islam. For start, the Islam article just needs dates for when it started, what are the major branches, where was it a major religion and where and when did it expand. This should link to the Moors, the Crusades, the Spanish Wars and famous Muslims like Sal al'Adin (sic). And later, someone can start a persona bit. And Muslim/Moslem/Islamic are proper adjectives (like Chinese, Soviet). Muslim/Moslem can also be used as nouns (like "an Australian" but not "the English"). - Cian Gillebhrath 19:03, 15 Sep 2005 (CDT)

Midrealm wiki

I see that there is a new midrealm wiki (Midrealm wiki). Any ideas on how we best share information with them and avoid duplication of effort? Conrad Leviston 20:27, 5 Oct 2005 (CDT)

  • How about asking them to redirect their wiki to this one? The only real problem I could see would be the fact that Cunnan seems to default to UK/Australian spelling (duh, see the URL ending in .au?), but that's easy enough to fix with a simple redirect from the US spelling to UK/Aus (ie, redirect "authorize" to "authorise," something I do as I find the need to ;-) ). This wiki has more information, it's in the Midrealm's best interest to try and not duplicate Cunnan's efforts :) Thomas 20:33, 5 Oct 2005 (CDT)
  • I'll update the Cunnan:Interwiki stuff to include their wiki when I have time. It does seem a bit silly to double up on articles like period and authenticity. On a note that is only barely related we seem to have passed 1,200,000 article views some time ago (see the statistics).- Tobin 22:19, 5 Oct 2005 (CDT)
  • But also remember that they are trying to be Middle-centric ... (cf. Midrealm entry for Presence). Our pages for general terms would not always include specific regional interpretations or regional ways/rules of playing that aspect of the Game. - Cian Gillebhrath

Spam flood

As anyone who looked at Special:Recentchanges today probably noticed Cunnan was the target of a group of spam bots who touched a large number of pages. The domain the bots were spamming has now been added to the antispam filter.

I've been through all the touched pages and have edited and saved the most recent useable version of each. Unfortunately, the spam bots unwittingly hit a bug in the software which means that the the page revisions before each of their edits have most probably been corrupted. If anyone feels like spending an hour helping to cleanup then they should go through my edits for the day and check that the page revision I restored each article to was optimal (i.e. the second most recent revision in most cases).

Cunnan's software has been upgraded so that the database corruption wont occur again even if the spam bots return. Tobin 23:35, 8 Oct 2005 (CDT)

  • Hmm, it just happened again. I believe I have got rid of the spam, but it was done using multiple "machines" so it wasn't worth my time blocking everyone. Also some pages were hit multiple times. Rollback only works for the last action on the page, including rollbacks, so some of the fixes had to be edits. Nasty! I understand Tobin's problems the first time. - Cian Gillebhrath 09:53, 22 Oct 2005 (CDT)
    • Three cheers for Cian! Thanks for doing the dirty work Cian, the fact that you and Tobin have done this is much appreciated. Given that this is the second time this has happened maybe it's time that we adopted a policy of only allowing editing for people who have logged in. It's not a foolproof defence I know, and it makes us feel less welcoming, but it would save a lot of aggravation. Conrad Leviston 20:55, 22 Oct 2005 (CDT)

Notable Persons

I am wondering, since I am new to here, but what are the guidelines about articles about specific people? While I don't see any reason that we would need one for every Baron/Knight/et al in the Known World, but there are a few individuals who's efforts and actions helped form the SCA. Donovan Ravenhull 06:20, 10 Oct 2005 (CDT)

As of yet there are no guidelines. In fact a few of the older pages are for SCA individuals who are not noteworthy at all. If you thnik they're worth mentioning that's probably a good start. Conrad Leviston 08:24, 10 Oct 2005 (CDT)
Personally, I would leave it to a few. First Crowns, a few super-dukes, the Queen-Soveriegns, notable artisans. We would have to be careful though. Donovan Ravenhull 17:43, 10 Oct 2005 (CDT)

Server move, heads up

The server that this wiki is hosted on will be moving at some point in the next few months. What is basically happening is that I have two new servers in my usual data center (Paddington, NSW, Australia), which will replace this server (Dallas, TX, USA) and the old server (Paddington). The two new servers have quite a bit more grunt and will be more reliable (dual CPUs, 2.5GB RAM, SCSI RAID arrays) than either of the current ones (single CPU, 512K / 1GB, IDE drives).

The server has already moved onto one of the new machines.

The second machine is being used for a major client project at the moment but will become available in a few months' time, probably around xmas/new year. When it becomes available both cunnan and will move on to it, along with a few of my other client sites.

There will probably be a bit of disruption going on when that does happen -- Fedora Core 3 (or maybe 4 or 5) new kernel, newer version of PHP, newer version of MySQL, etc. So far there appears to have been a few problems converting international/multi-byte characters between the older and newer systems so that's something to look out for. There will also probably be at least a few hours of downtime.

More information closer to the date.

Del 21:13, 22 Oct 2005 (CDT)