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Some Greek letters

Byzantios (Βυζάντιος): Stephanos, Στέφανος 6th century geographer (BM160)

Apoeparkhōn (ἀποεπάρχων or ἀπὸ ἐπάρχων), a translation of the Latin ex praefectis (BM 656)

Megas logothetēs (μέγας λογοθέτης) or Megas logariastēs (tōn euagōn sekretōn): final term used for the head of all public finances (BM 208, 432) (W)

Chalcis: (BM261) also known as Chalkis (HK76), later Qinnasrĩn, town south of Aleppo (HK76) Charax (BM 55) probably Turkic Çardak

Khãbũr: river and part of the border with Sasanids (HK70)


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