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This lists special projects currently being carried out on Cunnan. If you wish to participate in one of these projects you may add your name under Participants for that project. This is not to say that pages related to these projects cannot be edited by anyone, but instead expressing a will to undertake substantial work on the topic.

12th Century life

Pages relating to the 12th century, with a high focus on primary sources.


Articles being added rather randomly. Much work to do.

future work

  • Information from Holmes' "Daily life in the 12th C" is intended to form the backbone of this project, with highlights from other specialist sources. Most of this information remains to be added to the wiki, the subject headings on the 12th Century life page giving some suggestions of topics on which basic pages are desired. Please feel free to contact User:Tiff for sources of this book.
  • in depth information on topics various is desired according to authour interests. The only specification - try to give references, and note carefully when information from other centuries is being used because we have no 12th C information.
  • More pages on conventional history (kings, wars, crusades etc) of this era is needed. User:Tiff is unlikely to do this as her interests lie in social history, but begs others to.


Forme of Cury

A redaction project based on the 14th century cookbook. For a list of redacted and unredacted recipes see: Cunnan:Recipes from the Forme of Cury. More detail can be found at Cunnan:Redaction project instructions.


Kingdom Standardisation

Moved to Cunnan:Kingdom Standardisation