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The following outlines how Cunnan should be organised to enable the easy finding of information. Via the use of the various namespaces that exist on this wiki.


A namespace is like different buckets to place data into. See below for more details on what each namespace in Cunnan is used for. Pages located in the different namespaces can be found via the Special:PrefixIndex page.

(main) namespace

This is where all the articles go, including everything about re-enactment, the SCA, medieval history, etc. Most Users will create articles in this space.

User namespace

This provides a personal profile page for the registered users of Cunnan. However, tight restriction have to be implemented to stop spammers abusing the space. Having a Blank User Template to fill in may make things easier. Caid-Commons has a Persona Submission Form in it's Help Section. We could adapt their Wiki Profile Assistant into a Persona Profile that would create their User Page, (only if it was blank).

Cunnan namespace

This is for the organisational side of Cunnan, including projects and issues. For example "dealing with spammers", "The Kingdom Standardisation" part of the Projects page, or a "Manual of Style". Then the discussion part of the page can be used to build up the ideas.

File namespace

This namesspace is for files and any pages created in this namespace provide Meta-Data for the file. Pages should include appropriate information about the file. For example; Any Heraldic device should have the language used to describe it and the Category: SCA Device. BUT Devices for groups should also have the appropriate group identifier (eg. Category:Kingdom, Category:Principality, etc).

MediaWiki namespace

  • This is for all the system stuff.

Template namespace

If you have standard texts you want to include on several pages, the MediaWiki template feature comes into play.

This namespace provides all the templates used to make page creation easier and as such needs to adhere to the following model;

  • Infoboxes for things such as the one for Lochac (on the right hand side) (of the form Infobox_<xxx>),
  • Blank templates for users to use on pages (of the form blank_<xxx>), and
  • page footers (Look at the bottom of the Lochac page)... (of the form footer_<xxx>)

Help namespace

This namespace contain all the help pages related to navigate, editing, and using the wiki.

Category namespace

This namespace give the wiki its structure for categorising articles (and data) into logical groupings. At the moment it needs to be tidied up, as they are many entries that relate to individuals or ideas that do not assist in the organisation of the wiki.