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Remember this is only the current Cunnan opinion on Style and Naming. If users find it limiting or difficult to use then fell free to make changes!

Article Naming

This is a bit more important than style as article are only easy to link to if named in a consistent manner.

Try to use the singular form of nouns as article titles. This allows people to link to the singular form ([[Balista]]) as well as the plural form ([[Balista]]e). Exceptions would be cases where the article must always be plural (eg. Other re-enactment sites).

Numbers should be reserved for years only (eg. 1066). AD isn't needed in titles but BC is (eg. 5000 BC) this seems fair as most dates Cunnan will deal with are AD anyway.

Don't use 'the' in article titles. Your links should look like "The weather in London" and not "The weather in London"