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None of my links work
OK, relax. There are a few things that might have gone wrong. First of all you might be using CaMeLcAsE links. These don't work on Cunnan because we're trying to avoid people making links like ArchEr and so on. The other major problem people have with links is that on Cunnan links are case sensitive, see Naming conventions for more info on this. You might also have tried to link to a subpage in the old manner of [[/foobar]] this no longer works. If you must use sub-page-like like links then append the subject of the link in between ( and ). So, [[Toadstool (fungi)]] not [[Fungi/Toadstool]].

People keep removing my work!
There could be several reasons why someone would remove your contributions but they should never do so without giving a reason. If you click the "page history" link but can't find an explanation for the text being removed then leave a note on the Village pump. Reasons for things being taken out of a page include:

  • Information was incorrect.
  • Information was under Copyright.
  • Personal comments (try not to add things like "Who wrote this?" and "Ask me for more information" to articles. If you want to leave a comment you should do so on the articles "talk" page.

People keep changing my work!
This is just something you'll have to learn to live with. The idea of a wiki is that no one owns the articles. People are free to edit your work and you are free to edit theirs. The exception to this is "talk" and "user" pages, people should feel free to leave a comment on these pages but not to remove what is there.